Friday, January 2, 2009

it's been a while...

in what my mother would consider "avoidance behavior" (doing things to avoid the responsible things you have to do) i've been looking through old emails. i never throw anything away so there's lots of old weird stuff in there. There's stuff that makes me laugh, stuff that makes me cry, stuff i wish i didn't remember etc. etc.
I've encountered two emails that made me laugh/made me wonder what made me think i was cut out for grad school. i thought you might like to see them and laugh too.
#1 (after having been arrested)

This is Joshua Everett from the Political Science 357 class. I'm
afraid I won't be able to make it to class tomorrow as I have to spend
the morning in court. I don't know how long I will be in court, but I
can either email you the paper in the afternoon, or bring a printed
copy on Wednesday, however you prefer. Just let me know, and I will do
my best to oblige.
Thank you so much.
Joshua Everett


Wed is fine since that's when it's due.

oh jeez.
My name is Joshua Everett and I'm in your Book of Mormon 122h (sec 91)
class. We just got our tests back yesterday, and I encountered a
problem with mine. I have no idea how it happened, and i feel somewhat
sheepish about it, but somehow when taking the test I missed the
entire back page. I suppose that somehow it must have stuck together
or i just was oblivious to it's existence. Subsequently I missed an
extra 50 points on the test. Is there anyway I can fix this? Maybe
something I can do to make up that 50 points? I would be pretty bummed
if my grade were affected so heavily by a case of human error.
If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I'd be more than
happy to do it.

Seriously josh, you missed the entire back page?!
more will probably follow soon.


Mike T. said...

These emails are awesome--especially after teaching a semester full of students just like you (used to be?).

The best email I've gotten so far was something like:
"Hi. I just realized that I didn't study for what was on the final exam, but studied other things. Is there any way I can make up for that?"

me said...

Please post more of these. They are so good.

Bret said...

Awesome. So polite.

I'm going to copy this post's style.

samsam said...

yes! "i'd be so bummed..." cute!

Megs said...

Awesome emails. Yep, reading your blog.