Wednesday, October 22, 2008

an Update...the most scattered blogpost ever.

i haven't updated this lately as i've been rather busy. strange for me but true. it's hard for me to update this blog when i don't feel interesting. right now im not feeling like a very interesting character, but im going to do this anyway.

a strange epitaph that i saw on a gravestone recently:
And when the Earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

From my notebook:
"Hoje, na igreja pensei em dar uma facada na pessoa sentado ao meu lado"
Translation: "Today in church i thought about stabbing the person sitting next to me"

There are 8 names in the book of mormon with the م-ل-ك root.

From Tao Te Ching (which i am rereading and loving again (i do consider it scripture)):
The Sage puts his own views behind
so ends up ahead
He stays a witness to life
so he endures
What could he grab for
that he does not already have?
What could he do for himself
that the universe itself has not already done?

I saw a real life fox the other night. It was a beautiful woodland creature in the middle of london. we connected on a spiritual level i think. Then there was a lady on the bus talking of the "white mans" conspiracy. How "the white man doesn't hesitate to kill the black man" and "wants the african woman disrespected". I love a conspiracy theory. Those of you that know me well know that i REALLY LOVE a conspiracy theory. i just fail to see how i would benefit from killing black people or disrespecting african women.

I went to Bath and Stonehenge over the weekend with Misty and Tom. It was a lovely trip. Bath is a charming place that was overrun with tourists, but didn't feel to terrible considering i live in london. There was a great little antique book shop that had the world's tiniest copy of the Rubaiyyat there. I wanted it, but maturity got the best of me and i didn't purchase it. We went to the Roman baths after which Bath is named and saw the ruins around it. The more i think about it the more i enjoyed it. Bath is also built near a river, and is full of scenic parks and views of the countryside. It was a really beautiful place. I enjoyed it. Then we drove for what felt like a long time (i have no time-telling implements here in england (more on that later)) in order to get to Stonehenge. Upon arrival we were promptly told that Stonehenge was closed. So we stood at the street and took pictures of it. And to be honest, even if you go in you can't get much closer to it than we did from the street so bottom line: 5 pounds saved. Here's a great picture (no photoshop!)

From recent conversation (edited to remove identities and content) with a friend (F) and me (J):

F: what time is it there? 2011?

J: yes. July 2011. 1:12 in the afternoon. you must kill a man and keep Skynet from being created.

F: could you get me a sports almanac?

J: sports have been abolished by the robots... you should see the &$*# John McCain has done....

F: hahahaha. i'm going to vote today

J: i wish i had made that joke with Sarah Palin instead...Pres. Palin


J: i studied qabbalah today! we read the lyrics to 'like a virgin'

F: haha wtf?

J: yeah good class right? im in grad school. reading madonna

F: but it's the grad students that decide what higher education is, so who can argue?

J: haha. who WOULD argue? it seems obvious that Madonna belongs in the bible

F: at least i'm pretty sure my face is melting

J: just put clear plastic over your skull so you have a rad skull face!

F: ooh

(when i left the house after this conversation i really saw a van that said "Skynet" on it. i was afraid)

uhmm. im done with this now. I'll post more real stuff later. maybe.


naomi said...

bath is cool. you should go and see hadrian's wall. it's full of children on days out from school but it's fun to run around the ruins and pretend to guard it or something.
i would like a squirrel like that. i would also like to carve a storm trooper on my pumpkin this year.

Bret said...


Misty Barrett said...

I'm glad I keep track of you via blog. I sat next to you at church.... Don't try and contact me, I'm leaving England.