Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old news.

I apologize in advance as i am sure what i am posting is old news. Being in England i have been too a large extent blissfully ignorant to the current presidential campaign. I'm typically a very political person. I enjoy politics. I feel as though i understand them as well, or better than most people. i have become a lot more moderate than i was a few years ago, though i do find those views appealing as a utopian ideal.
I was just sitting down to do some reading about speaking and hearing when i was distracted by amanda's blog. it had shared a video with a witty anti-sarah palin song set to the melody of some pop-acoustic song that was quite popular, and that if i am being quite honest, has a spot on my guilty pleasures list. after watching it and smirking a time or two i spent a while sifting through the other recommended videos on youtube. when i came across this video (like i said, it's old- i apologize)...

what a terrifying prospect that this woman could become the vice president. truly petrifying. While watching it i literally covered my mouth in horror and said "oh no." I have heard a lot of people say "if McCain and Palin win, I'm leaving America." While I tend to think that's a stupid idea, i can't help but sympathize after watching this video. I am wanting to return to the states to do my PhD...but maybe a few more years here will help me miss out on a dark time.
if this isn't the first thing that came you your mind, let me help you compare that video to another video that also made a big splash in the news.

honestly i can't tell the difference between the two videos.
I am not a big fan of Barak Obama either and i despise the idea that we choose "the lesser of two evils," but i fear it may be necessary.
God help us.


david. said...

i'm thinking i might leave for peru. bardhi said he'd come with me.
want to come???


Anonymous said...

Josh you make some good points. I just hope who ever our next president is has some good advisers with experience. They are going to be leaning on them. I may flee to Canada, my place of origin.

ellie said...

I'm happy you posted this.