Sunday, September 21, 2008


After going to bed last night at some stupid hour (i think it was like 5:30 a.m) I woke up around noon. I thought about going to church, but I wasn't feeling well due to something i ate last night (probably that super spicy thing). So i thought, for the sake of my possible future social life, i would give myself a chance NOT to poop my pants at church. So i went back to bed, waking up this time around 3:00 pm.
I was feeling much better when i got up and knew that I had a few things that i still wanted to do. So I went downstairs and registered with a doctor near my school, so i can get health care. Soon I believe I will have a National Health Service number. God bless universal health care! The internet tried to tell me that there were no tickets to Tuesday's Arsenal match left, but i was suspicious, and wanted to see Arsenal stadium regardless. So i hopped on the train and rode up there, a measly 2 stops from me. Went walking and found it. I bought my ticket for Tuesday (not sold out) then went to the All-Arsenal shop and bought myself a scarf. Then i took a walk around, tried to find hangers while i was in a different neighborhood, but failed. I also saw a paper with a headline that said "Ronaldo's Girl is a 2k Hooker!" which i laughed at.
then i came home for a minute. ate some food. and then decided to go out walking again. Thats when i found that park that used to be a cemetery that i found all too charming in my own creepy way. That was actually the second park i stopped into, but it won my heart over the other one. The idea of having dead bodies under the park...just too rad. That and the graves everywhere.
Oh, I found hangers too. They were super expensive (roughly $1 per hanger) but i bought them. I only bought a few and put multiple pieces of clothing on each one. If you haven't noticed yet, i'm cheap. I've even gone back and removed all my little comments about how much things cost (e.g., the train ride, the McDonalds, etc.).
Now i'm back at my place, listening to miles davis, talking to friends and relaxing.
I'm a happy boy.
For people who read this and don't have facebook, here's a link to some fotos.

wish me luck getting up in the morning, i have no alarm clock, and no control over my sleep lately.


manda said...

i am so glad you're blogging, so that if we aren't online at the same time, i can still see what's happening!

Bret said...

Try not to poop your pants in school either. This is retribution for the amount of times you have said "poop my pants," in your life.

naomi said...

An aresenal scarf! Football scarves are made from a special kind of material. Try ASDA for hangers, or one of those notorious Quid Shops. Man i'm so jealous. one more year! ahh!!