Thursday, September 4, 2008


i do not like the idea of Barack Obama becoming the next president. Nor do I like the idea of John McCain becoming the next president. What am i to do?
I watched the RNC tonight to scope out Palin and what she's all about. a few observations.
-the speeches delivered tonight really turned me off to the Republican candidates. They were critical, sarcastic, and lacked any sort of grace. I am not naive to the fact that politicians criticize one another in speeches. I watched every day of the DNC and heard plenty of criticism of McCain, Bush, and the republican party. But the criticisms offered at the RNC tonight (by both Giuliani and Palin) were not necessarily helpful to the undecided voter nor did it help McCain's image, campaign or anything else. Truth be told. I've never been as likely to vote for Obama as I was while listening to a room full of pompous republican dicks literally laugh at Obama's record as a community organizer. If you want to point out that it is not executive experience, that's fine- point it out. but do it with some shred of dignity. Do it because it's in America's best interest, or your best interest. But this felt like the condescension of the "cool kids" in school toward an outsider.
-where were the minorities at the RNC? speaking of which- where were the people. There were lots of empty seats, and those that were filled were full of old white people. Don't get me wrong, i noticed the token black person and the occasional latin person holding the VIVA McCAIN sign, but when compared with the DNC it looked like a Klan meeting.
- it is a constant criticism i have of politicians that they speak with no direction. they don't tell you of plans, or the methods they hope to employ to bring about the changes we all hope for. they merely talk around the issues, employing the necessary buzz words to instill the listener with the idea that they have actually discussed issues. Obama did this in his speech, and does it really well whenever he speaks. Giuliani and Palin however, did not even attempt to use this time-tested technique. Instead they spoke of Obama's inability to do ANYTHING and McCain's record as a P.O.W., a senator of the Reagan revolution, a maverick, a nice guy, etc. and to tell you the truth, i can't say that they even did that very well.

I came from the RNC feeling that maybe Obama is deserving of my vote. I felt it more strongly tonight than i did at the end of the DNC.
(if i'm honest with you, i'm not going to vote. but i like thinking about it)

I was wondering today, is John McCain 2008's Bob Dole? Does the Republican party want him because they think he can win, or do they want to reward him for his long period of service to the party?

i'll probably rewrite this tomorrow. i recognize this is poorly written and doesn't express my thoughts well.
i can't think straight right now. must sleep soon.

p.s. why can't BYU and Provo get on the same page to make this city much much cooler for all who live here?


naomi said...

I still detest Obama even though I completely agree with your comments on the RNC. Which means I also don't like the republican candidate. At least last time it was a decision between a very human candidate and a one-upper. This time it's between a baby-killer and a man speeding towards his expiration date.
What do you think about the newscoverage/hoo-hah surrounding Pallin's daughters pregnancy?

MackAck said...

Now is maybe a great time to become an expat. :)

Bret said...

Voting is for pussies... and Grandpas.