Sunday, September 28, 2008

I truly believe.

I truly believe that we could have fielded the Carling Cup team that stomped Sheff Utd. on Tuesday against Hull on Saturday and we would have won.

In other news I went to 3 hours of church today. It wasn't so bad. I took copious notes of my observations about the ward (nothing actually religious, more like "there are as many cheesy kids here as there are in wards at home" type stuff).

Classes should start tomorrow. Huzzah.

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cerparley said...

You were in one my dreams recently: we were hanging out in some pueblo and were talking about the things we were up to/in to lately, then some aboriginie dude walked through the pueblo with war weapons (arrows, blades, etc) and we stopped talking. It made me realize I'd like to see this dream realized, but maybe me we could hangout in one of your neighborhood bars instead of a pueblo with wild aborginies running around. What do you say? I need a trip across the atlantic.