Saturday, September 20, 2008

here's some stuff.

This is an email i just wrote to my family, but it gives a fairly decent summary, and my england experience so far (coughcough-today).

It's nearly 4 in the morning and my eyes just shot open (by "just" i mean 50 minutes ago). Something I ate upset my stomach (it was so so spicy) and I think I left my pepto out of my bags at the last minute. Oh well. I'll just stay up late writing *blogs*.

I'm legitimately loving it here currently, though my inability to find a place to buy hangers frustrates me to death. The fact that it gets pretty chilly at night has me a touch worried about cold weather and the warm-factor of my clothing, but I'll deal with that issue when it comes along.

Everything here is (at least) 5 pounds. Which lulls you into thinking, "that isn't much money..." then you stop and realize that it's like 10 bucks, and it makes you cry. Then you find toilet paper (the cheapest you can find) for 1.50 and you're like "Yeah! that's cheap!" but once you've bought it you realize that 3 dollars for 6 rolls of TP is not cheap, and on top of that you've gotten what you deserve for buying cheap toilet paper. I have to keep reminding myself that in a city I don't quite know yet, that price hunting is not typically the best option, and to stop being cheap. It especially isn't the best option when you've spent a large portion of your day looking for an item and found it, and if you turn your back on it hoping to find it cheaper, chances are you won't be able to find your way back.

I watched the Arsenal match in the bar across the street from my house this evening. The fact that I watched it in the evening instead of at 10:30 a.m. is thrilling to me. I don't care about watching it at a bar, but I suppose its something I should expect to do while I'm to a good start then. (oh- and Alex Song the dude I've said since BEFORE the season should be starting Defensive Midfielder for Arsenal got a start tonight and did well defensively as well as putting a header off the post and having a doozey of a shot saved. Can I just say "I told you so" to nobody in particular, because nobody reading this cares? ha) I met some random dudes with thick accents watching the match. They were really nice to me and seemed pretty impressed by an Arsenal fan from the US that actually knew something about the club. They were funny and loud and fit every stereotype you would want them too. They even referred to women as 'birds' at one point. That made me laugh.

Speaking of which, I find that the English accent makes me laugh more than it used to. It's almost as if, despite logically knowing that everyone here talks like that, somewhere in my subconscious I had believed that it was something that they played up for movies to please me. As such I laugh a lot. I talked to Tyler recently and he called them "Tiny Tim voices" and now I laugh even more. *Naomi, why don't you talk funnier? You talk entirely too normally in comparison with some of these people. (haha, what a terrible thing to say. sorry.)*

Tomorrow, I have to find my way to church. It doesn't look too hard, but getting lost on the underground system worries me- expensive. Oh well. I also need to figure out if I can go to the Arsenal match on Tuesday without disrupting my school schedule. It's a Carling Cup match and I can go for just 10 pounds (cheaper than the 33 for regular league games). I'm also still on the search for hangers and super glue. People act like they've never heard of hangers around here- drives me crazy.

I keep updating that google map i made with the random places I've walked to as an exercise in learning my way around (obs. i've not been to buckingham palace or any of the other famous landmarks yet, those are just for reference).

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i'm pretty interested in World War II right now. Does anyone know of a good book to read on the subject? Nothing intense, just something interesting that i could read for fun?

alright, let's give this sleeping thing a shot.


naomi said...

What on earth were you doing up in Highbury that permitted you to walk up there? goodness! Get an oyster pass!
erm, at least you can understand what I'm saying! if you go up north to yorkshire, liverpool, newcastle, sheffield,or even my hometown you will realise that from the variety of more northern accents I could have adopted, mine is relatively tolerable. hmmpft. and who wants to say "Ime frome Landan" anyway. sheesh. As far as I know, no one really talks as affectedly as Russell Brand, but yeah, they do sound a bit funny.
My mum says you can visit up north anytime by the way haha

naomi said...

Yeah. i did a really bad job of trying to do the london accent in text. doesn't read that well. you get my drift though I'm sure.

naomi said...

p.s. most american's don't know anything about football. they just get a kick out of saying FOOTBALL referring to soccer, and MANCHESTER UNITED! so. you will probably be a novelty for the duration of your london stay haha