Monday, September 22, 2008

a classic conversation- yet very typical.

This is a conversation that i just had and really enjoyed. I have withheld the name of the person with whom i had the conversation for his protection. It has also been edited for content.

Friend: have you started class yet?

ME (J): no. school over here is organized super weird...
aka not at all.
i never know what im supposed to be doing/where i should be

F: you go to hogwarts

except i don't learn anything so useful as magic

F: yeah right
its 100% magic
you will be a wizard when you're done

J: i hope so.
i'll magic me up some f*#*@*n money

F: if i was a wizard i would never be without money, or without naked babes

J: yeah.
that would be the first/only spell i learned
and maybe an asskickin' spell
so i could #**$& people up

F: and my friends would never be without money or naked babes either

J: unless they made me sad or mad
and then it wouldn't be out of meanness, just because it would make me too lazy
to cast the necessary spell

F: i would wear a cape

J: oh, i would dress like Dr. Strange

F: and cast a spell that made capes awesome

J: i would want everyone to look at me suspiciously
like "what is he up to?

F: also i would cast a "fountain of youth" spell on myself
wizards are so badass

J: and a "fountain of skinny" so i could eat whatever i chose

F: totally

J:i would levitate when i slept.

F:dah! i have to go to school!!!!!!!


Bret said...

That could have been anyone.

Also, whenever you censored entire words I automatically inserted the word "Dickin" or "Dick."

manda said...

i just read this for the third time.
friend is funny, but half of me wishes he was going to hogwarts and you were going to uvu. ok, i don't wish that on you, but you know what i mean.

Jude N Eliza said...

haha "fountain of skinny" - can you imagine this pear shaped body coming at her?