Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Champions' League

Arsenal 4-0 Porto.
I don't understand how arsenal can be so bad at the weekend, and so good 3 days later. I hope that this goal is a turning point for Adebayor. Last year he was scoring goals, but that sorta dried up. He hasn't scored much this year (that hat trick barely counts (serious)). But he had not one, but TWO, well deserved goals this match. That should snap him out of it. Everyone looked pretty sharp. I still dont think Denilson should be in the starting XI. whatever.

Today was my first classes. Mystical Traditions, and Research methods of Anthropology. Mystical traditions looks challenging, but cool. I feel like i'll learn a lot in that class. I've always been interested in the occult and mystical teachings that are inherent in every religion. I've always felt that mystical experience is the culmination of religion, the end that the religious are searching for. But somehow it is also the part we deny ourselves the most. We talk about miracles in the details of life, and feeling the spirit, but if i came right out and said "Last night i dreamt a dream and the Lord told me..." or "I had a vision this afternoon as i walked on the path to the library" we (myself included) would scoff. Yet, we do the things we do and believe what we believe in hope of attaining something that is completely mystical in nature. Further, studying the mystical, at least in mormon tradition (and in many others), is typically shot down and called "looking past the mark." I think i've blogged about how much that bothers me in the past. Bottom line, i am really looking forward to this class. I legitimately can't think of a topic i would rather study right now. (It also will help me with a comic idea i've been working on...haha).

Research Methods, seems less cool and ugh. but i'm only auditing it, so i can bear sitting in there for an hour on tuesday afternoons. His lecture today consisted of reading a pre-written speech about his early days as an anthropologist and his ethnographic research in India. It was sufficiently interesting, i just don't know what i was supposed to learn from it. In the course of his talk he spoke about how outgoing he had to be to make in-roads with the locals. I couldn't help but think to myself "oh jeez. there's no way i can do that. I don't talk to anyone."

Later this evening i went to the pub to watch the Arsenal v. Porto match. I bought myself dinner (which was too much money, truly more than i should pay. But i wanted a decent meal. I've been eating a lot of crap). So i ate well, and was fairly satisfied, though perhaps i should feel a bit of buyers remorse. Then i watched the arsenal match content on my barstool. Eventually i somehow ended up conversing with the two guys next to me. From what i gathered they were from birmingham, but were in london for some work (which sounded like construction work, something to do with fireproofing?). We spoke about a bunch of stuff. From football, to the US political and economic situation "that prime minis-errr president of yours is a real prick, and tony blair just lickin up his ass." I also learned that he was the youngest, and had 6 brothers. He told me about his parents funerals, how his family was originally from Scotland, and how moving to birmingham was difficult because he felt like an immigrant (justifiably so). We talked about his friend who went to the US to live, and got busted drink-driving 3 times and did 12 months in the clink which then developed into a commentary on race relations in the US prison system. we talked about a lot of stuff. There was a kid in between us, and i could not understand a single word he said. It was literally like a different language. I couldn't even pick out words that seemed familiar. Except "birds". he did say that a few times.

As i left the pub i thought to myself. ok, perhaps i could do ethnographic research if i needed to. So i feel better about anthropology right now. I'm still a little intimidated, but i'm optimistic.

i think that's all i have for tonight.


David said...

Interesting pub experience. I wish I could meet a bunch of Brits here in Cairo at a place like that.

naomi said...

your comments on searching for mysticism in religion is interesting