Tuesday, August 19, 2008

for Francesco. and me.

i like making lists lately.
Francesco asked me to make a top 5 records i listened to in High School. i changed it to 10 and this is what i came up with (in no specific order):

-Hot Water Music- Forever and Counting

-At the Drive In- in/casino/out

-Promise Ring- Nothing Feels Good

-Cave In- Until Your Heart Stops

- Get Up Kids- 4 Minute mile

- Curl Up and Die- the Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug

- the Casket Lottery- Choose Bronze

- Cave In- Jupiter

- Saves the Day- Through Being Cool

honorable mentions:
- Rancid- Life Won't Wait.
- You and I- self titled
- Cursive- Storms of Early Summer: Semantics in Song
- Twelve Hour Turn- Victory of Flight

and the best EP's ever are as follows:

-Hot Water Music- Moonpies of Misfits

-Cave In- Creative Eclipses

-Get up Kids- Red Letter Day

-Promise Ring- Boys and Girls

-Elliot- If They Do

- Ink and Dagger- Drive this 7 inch stake through my Philadelphia Heart

man. music used to be awesome.

what happened?

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Bret said...

Dude, If They Do is so rad. I didn't even know people liked anything Elliott ever did.