Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best songs ever...

As of late i've been trying to decide on what the best songs ever are... i'd like to hear your opinions too. (obs. Im not taking into consideration classical music.)

My indisputable #1 is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Tied for numbers 2/3 are Kashmir by Led Zepplin

and Tonight, Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins

Arsenal plays their first champions league match on wednesday against Steve McLaren's FC Twente. We shouldn't have a problem- but who knows lately. After that we have our first league match on the 16th against West Brom. Should be an easy match. but never say never.
(this is where my friends stop reading)

I would love to say that i believe that Arsenal is going to win everything this season, but if i am honest I don't think our team is deep enough to do it. I really do feel that the back 4 needs an overhaul (obs. Clichy and Sagna are wonderful. Its really the centerbacks that worry me (obs. on my obs. if there are criticisms of Clichy or Sagna it's that they are sometimes caught out of position on the counterattack)).

On top of that we NEED to sign someone to take Flamini's role on the team. I would love Gareth Barry, and be excited about Gokhan Inler. We were recently linked with Giavinco- he looks like class, but he looks like he would fill the same role as Nasri (who is already injured...ugh). I would love to see a signing to take the place of RVP. I've lost faith that he will be fit enough to play throughout the season- and he seems to have problems positioning himself properly lately. If i'm honest i really just want Eduardo back. I love him. A lot.

im impressed to death with Jack Wilshere. i wish i had half that talent when i was 16.

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