Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update and Observations.

A recent email sent to my brothers and my friend Kory:
Well, day zero of comic con is all done. The highlights? a long car ride, dirty jokes, no sleep, a decent philly cheesesteak from a bar, and a nearly being vomited on by one of a group of irish kids who were on the train yelling "Sheeew us yerrrrr puuuuuuubbbeeess" (yeah, you read that right).
I was up all night writing this damned pitch for the comic. There is no "right" way to write a pitch because, the more time i spend around comics the more i recognize, comics are not a professional community. They just a bunch of grown ass fanboys (the word fanboy is in the dictionary now, don't judge me).
Anyway, I'll probably mull this over throughout the day and print it tonight to have it ready for day 2. I'll go ahead and try to make some contacts today, as well as going to some panels on "How to Pitch Your Comic"- to see if i can't get any last minute pointers on how to go about doing this. tomorrow will be the day that i have the comic ready for anyone who wants to see it. Hopefully by then I will have made some contact with someone so that I will have someone to show it to, rather than just meandering around like a waif with a comic book.

And an observation:
Nas (a rapper) has recently launched his own campaign to denounce Fox news' apparent mistreatment of Black people, with specific focus on their portrayal of Barack Obama in the news media. If he were smart, Barack would denounce Nas' anti-Fox campaign. As a presidential candidate surely he recognizes the abuse that he will take in the course of the campaign. Further, Nas will reintroduce the race issue that Obama has worked so hard to avoid during his campaign up until this point. The repercussions of this will make it so that nearly any criticism of the Obama can be written off as racial criticism. It will only further taint an election process that is already foolishly full of foibles (alliteration! bam!) I am not attempting to say that Fox news' portrayal of Barack or his campaign. But i do think that this will potentially damage the ability of the news media to portray Obama with the amount of "fairness" or political criticism that he may deserve. Further, if Fox news is truly being as unfair as Nas would have me believe, surely this would do more to damage their reputation than that of Americas first viable african american candidate.

I am not an Obama supporter. In fact, i am not an anyone supporter. These days i really wish i lived in a monarchy... good thing im moving to one soon enough.

i feel sick and i can't eat and im too tired. but optimistic.
ciao bitches.


Mathias said...

you gotta fill me on your comic-con day to day experiences. I wasn't able to go this year so I'll have to enjoy it through your posts

ellie said...

'...meandering around like a waif with a comic book.'

My life! :/