Saturday, July 26, 2008

comic con wrap up

i almost got barfed on my an irishman.
i almost got barfed on by a little kid.
i successfully gave my pitch to 2 companies (boom! and oni)
i stared at corey feldman.
i went to the US premiere of pineapple express (it was rad. most of the cast was there. super fun/funny).
i saw step brothers. super funny.
i saw the rock.
i saw mark hamill in a rolls royce.
i saw harold and kumar.
i saw method man.
i went to the watchmen panel and was aroused.
i saw lou ferigno again. this time i didn't have to cut in line.
i saw the girl that was tank girl and the romance interest in point break.
i saw the guy who killed uncle ben (that bitch) his last name is Poppajon. i think he owns pizza. all of it.
i saw peter mayhew (chewbacca) again. this time we were at peace with each other.
i bought books (Contract with God trilogy, the Damned, Fables (vol.1), Last Call).
i told/heard lots of dirty jokes.
i broke my headphones.
thats all i think. no need to elaborate.

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