Saturday, July 26, 2008

comic con wrap up

i almost got barfed on my an irishman.
i almost got barfed on by a little kid.
i successfully gave my pitch to 2 companies (boom! and oni)
i stared at corey feldman.
i went to the US premiere of pineapple express (it was rad. most of the cast was there. super fun/funny).
i saw step brothers. super funny.
i saw the rock.
i saw mark hamill in a rolls royce.
i saw harold and kumar.
i saw method man.
i went to the watchmen panel and was aroused.
i saw lou ferigno again. this time i didn't have to cut in line.
i saw the girl that was tank girl and the romance interest in point break.
i saw the guy who killed uncle ben (that bitch) his last name is Poppajon. i think he owns pizza. all of it.
i saw peter mayhew (chewbacca) again. this time we were at peace with each other.
i bought books (Contract with God trilogy, the Damned, Fables (vol.1), Last Call).
i told/heard lots of dirty jokes.
i broke my headphones.
thats all i think. no need to elaborate.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update and Observations.

A recent email sent to my brothers and my friend Kory:
Well, day zero of comic con is all done. The highlights? a long car ride, dirty jokes, no sleep, a decent philly cheesesteak from a bar, and a nearly being vomited on by one of a group of irish kids who were on the train yelling "Sheeew us yerrrrr puuuuuuubbbeeess" (yeah, you read that right).
I was up all night writing this damned pitch for the comic. There is no "right" way to write a pitch because, the more time i spend around comics the more i recognize, comics are not a professional community. They just a bunch of grown ass fanboys (the word fanboy is in the dictionary now, don't judge me).
Anyway, I'll probably mull this over throughout the day and print it tonight to have it ready for day 2. I'll go ahead and try to make some contacts today, as well as going to some panels on "How to Pitch Your Comic"- to see if i can't get any last minute pointers on how to go about doing this. tomorrow will be the day that i have the comic ready for anyone who wants to see it. Hopefully by then I will have made some contact with someone so that I will have someone to show it to, rather than just meandering around like a waif with a comic book.

And an observation:
Nas (a rapper) has recently launched his own campaign to denounce Fox news' apparent mistreatment of Black people, with specific focus on their portrayal of Barack Obama in the news media. If he were smart, Barack would denounce Nas' anti-Fox campaign. As a presidential candidate surely he recognizes the abuse that he will take in the course of the campaign. Further, Nas will reintroduce the race issue that Obama has worked so hard to avoid during his campaign up until this point. The repercussions of this will make it so that nearly any criticism of the Obama can be written off as racial criticism. It will only further taint an election process that is already foolishly full of foibles (alliteration! bam!) I am not attempting to say that Fox news' portrayal of Barack or his campaign. But i do think that this will potentially damage the ability of the news media to portray Obama with the amount of "fairness" or political criticism that he may deserve. Further, if Fox news is truly being as unfair as Nas would have me believe, surely this would do more to damage their reputation than that of Americas first viable african american candidate.

I am not an Obama supporter. In fact, i am not an anyone supporter. These days i really wish i lived in a monarchy... good thing im moving to one soon enough.

i feel sick and i can't eat and im too tired. but optimistic.
ciao bitches.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I wish i could have seen

and Pele

and Zidane

and zico
and socrates
and maradona
and beckenbauer
and cruyff
and henry (for arsenal)
and many many others.

recent favorites

1. Coke
2. Mountain Dew
3. Full Throttle/AMP

1. Invincible
2. Iron Fist
3. Daredevil

1. Lil Wayne 'Tha Carter III'
2. N.E.R.D "Seeing Sounds"
3. Russian Circles "Enter"

1. The Dark Knight
2. Iron Man
3. The Bank Job

1. 30 Rock
2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
3. Curb your Enthusiasm
4. Battlestar Galactica

1. Metalocalypse
2. Gotham Knight
3. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
4. I like Justice League and the Batman when i can catch them. And batman the animated series

1. Sleeping
2. Writing
3. Stressing about what on earth i'm doing.

1. Coke
2. Sandwiches
3. anything not hot.

Soccer Teams:
2. Real Salt Lake
3. America
4. Hull City (they're the Tigers!)

Basketball Teams:
1. the Jazz
2. Golden State (or what's left of them- that may change soon- as i have no brand loyalty to the warriors)
3. Pistons

Things i'll miss when i leave:
1. Sporting events with friends
2. going to movies whenever i like

Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Comic con (starts Thursday)
2. Arsenal season
3. moving away
4. the Watchmen movie

Goals i have:
1. growing up a little/getting my act together
2. publishing my comics
3. becoming a more well-rounded person

im working on a comic submission to show around at comic con this week. wish me luck.
i have some other things going to. wish me luck on that too i guess.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

As I've always said...

Coca-cola makes the world go 'round. I've always said it and i will always stand by it. I know a lot of people who boycott it for supposed wrong doings- but really. That thought is based on misconceptions of the coca-cola corporate model.
Coke is the best thing the planet has to offer. If i could give the world a coke...

read this. From the Economist:

Index of happiness?
A bottle of Coke tracks change in Africa

AFRICANS buy 36 billion bottles of Coke a year. Because the price is set so low—around 20-30 American cents, less than the price of the average newspaper—and because sales are so minutely analysed by Coca-Cola, the Coke bottle may be one of the continent’s best trackers of stability and prosperity.

“We see political instability first because we go down as far as we can into the market,” says Alexander Cummings, head of Coca-Cola’s Africa division. The ups and downs during Kenya’s post-election violence this year could be traced in sales of Coke in Nairobi’s slums and in western Kenya’s villages. Events in the Middle East, such as the 2006 war between Hizbullah and Israel, can dent sales in Muslim parts of Africa, though anti-American feeling usually wears off quite quickly.

Coca-Cola says it is the largest private-sector employer in Africa. Its system of distribution, which moves the sugary drink from bottling plants deep into slums and the bush a few crates at a time, may employ around 1m Africans. A study at the University of South Carolina suggested that 1% of South Africa’s economy was tied up, one way or another, in the distribution and sale of Coke. The company has been in Africa since 1928. Its outgoing global boss, Neville Isdell, grew up—barefoot, he says—in Zambia. Mr Cummings is from Liberia. In Africa, as elsewhere, the company has to defend itself from critics who accuse it of “mining water” for production, encouraging expensive and environmentally harmful refrigeration, and hurting local producers of juice and water.

At a macro-level, when Coke fails, the country whose market it is trying to penetrate usually fails too. Coca-Cola’s bottling plant in Eritrea hardly works because the country’s totalitarian government makes it impossible to import the needed syrup. The factory in Somalia sputtered on heroically during years of fighting but finally gave out when its sugar was pinched by pirates and its workers were held up by gunmen. Mr Cummings admits that Coca-Cola is “on life support” in Zimbabwe.

Still, if Coca-Cola’s predictions are anything to go by, Africa’s future is mostly bright. The company expects sales in Africa to grow by an annual 10-13% over the next few years, handily outstripping economic growth. The biggest markets will be in petro-economies such as Nigeria and Angola, and countries like Ghana and Kenya where a middle class is emerging. Kenya’s citizens may like to know that, despite their country’s many troubles earlier this year, Coca-Cola has invested $50m in a new bottling plant and $10m in new offices.