Sunday, June 8, 2008


apparently people don't like blogs on soccer. well suck it. we're 2 days into Euros and so far my predictions are 100% correct. Today i not only picked the teams that would win, but also the scores, and who would score goals. man. im rad.
i was on the radio last night, did anyone listen? it was plenty ridiculous. but super fun. i hope to do it again.
tonight america plays argentina. we are going to get thrashed. my prediction is 3-1. and the 1 for america is being hopeful/generous.
tomorrow is the hard day for predictions. ugh.
tomorrow im going to see Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, NERD and Rihanna. pretty hyped on that.
im still poor and still need a job.
R Kelly is still innocent! (maybe not innocent, but not guilty? not deserving of jail? ...uhm.) well i dont want him in jail. the end.
Does anyone screen print anymore, i want to make a shirt.


Bret said...

Any Drag tracks? Also, what is soccer?

Mike T. said...

"apparently people don't like blogs on soccer."

um. i vote to add R Kelly to the list.

naomi said...

r.kelly not innoccent!