Tuesday, June 3, 2008

nothing is going on.

im watching soccer matches from last year because theres nothing else.
i constructed my Fantasy team for Euro 08 this is it. If I didn't have a money limit it would look different.

Goalkeeper-Iker Casillas
Defenders- Metzelder (Ger), Pepe (Por), Senderos (Swi), and Sergio Ramos (Spa)
Midfield- Aquilani (Ita), Miguel Veloso (Por), Argen Robben (Hol), and Samir Nasri (Fra)
Forwards- Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Hol), Luca Toni (Ita), and Karim Benzema (Fra).

I've also filled out my brackets, I'll save you the game by game details but heres who i have coming through.

Group A- 1-Portugal 2-Czech Republic
Group B- 1-Germany 2-Croatia
Group C- 1-Italy 2- The Netherlands (this very well could be france- but i think that the netherlands can pull the upset. they've got a lot of talent right now, and i dont feel as though France is taking advantage of all the young talent it has access to. This is the group nobody wanted to be in.)
Group D 1-Spain 2- Greece

thats all for now.


Bret said...

You're never going to get comments posting ONLY about soccer... Except for this one.

manda said...

get a life! just kidding! i'll be back in utah next monday!!!!