Saturday, June 28, 2008

i've been thinking.

Tomorrow is the Euro 08 final. Germany vs. Spain.
I predicted Germany to win from the beginning, and I'm not going to abandon that prediction- however, for Cesc Fabregas' sake I would prefer Spain to win. I love Cesc. I can't say enough for the caliber of player he is. As far as Arsenal fans are concerned, allegiance is divided between Cesc and Spain, and Jens for Germany. I'll miss that mad german. so crazy.
I wish that home phones would make a resurgence. I may let my contract expire and not get a new phone. Cell phones are a tedious instrument. And i feel as though having a home phone and nothing else would slow the pace of life and require one to make plans and be more considerate. Cell phones certainly can increase the ability of a person to be spontaneous. Hrmm i can certainly see the benefits of cell phones. but i think im going to regress to a home phone.
man i am amped for hellboy 2 and the dark knight.
i have a new job in provo, so i am there every day now. its nice to be somewhere with friends, but it is crummier than i anticipated to live on random couches throughout the week. And teaching high school kids isn't the raddest either. (By the way, can i come sleep on your couch?)
Comic con is coming up soon. I am really excited about that. The plan is to have enough of the artwork complete on one of the comics that i am writing so that we (the artist and I) can show it around to publishers and make some submissions. Soon enough we can get published, insha'allah.
speaking of me regressing in time. I wish that boxing were still a major sport. I've always loved watching boxing matches. it just ain't what it used to be.

thats really alli have today.
nighty night.


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that match was pretty nuts. where you teaching?

Bret said...

When is Comic Con? I want to go!