Saturday, May 24, 2008

i've returned home.

i've returned to blogging after quite some time. i hope that i remain on top of it and blog more frequently than i have recently.
i've found that i love google reader and subsequently i spend a lot of time reading other peoples blogs and not so much writing my own. im okay with that. I suggest you too sign onto google reader and that we become gfriends so that i can share awesome comic/movie/soccer news with you via reader.

In recent news. I've moved to sandy where i live with my brother. That should be good i think. We've always been good friends and so thats good.

I'm moving to London in September (for Grad School (Masters (Social Anthropology))). Everyone is invited to visit. I doubt that (m)any of you will, but the invitation is extended. if you know of any fabulous way to finance that education i would appreciate your insight. i am currently unemployed and rather enjoying it, but truth be told, i need some money- i got a speeding ticket, expired license ticket, and a parking ticket the other day. downer.

i saw thrice and pelican the other night, and it kinda restored my faith in the fact that i can go to shows and enjoy them. Both are bands that i've been into a lot lately, and i had seen neither before. Soon i will see joan of Arc (which i am HYPED about) and Kanye West/Lupe Fiasco. rads.

i haven't seen some of my friends in a ridiculously long time. that needs to be remedied. you know if you are on this list. call me.

the new indiana jones was rad, and if you didnt like it there is something wrong with you- not the movie. yes it is about aliens. i too would have preferred they hadn't dealt with aliens, but they did, and they did it as well as can be hoped for. disagree? hit me up, i'll happily tell you why you're wrong.

i get asked this a lot so i'm going to go ahead and say it here. My favorite comic movies are
#1-Iron Man
#3-Batman Begins
#5-Superman Returns/Sin City/Spiderman 2/V for Vendetta

Arsenal didn't win anything again. 3 seasons now. ugh. but we're now into the summer months were rumours abound about who Arsene intends to sign. There are some rumours to be excited about, but they're rumours. So it's best to just sit back and trust that Arsene will sign who we need. The pictures i've seen of the new kit are cool. I hope they're legit.

REAL salt lake still sucks and it still makes me mad.

i'm unemployed. if you want to hire me at a better than living wage to just hang out and be rad, i will surely consider your offer.

i bought new shoes recently. pretty content with them.
im in saint george and my parents have the HEAT on. im pretty irritable about it. i should be kinder about it. but its so hard when im sweating.
i have a cut on my mouth that won't heal. weird. i've been sick a lot lately. i think i have tuberculosis.... not really. but who knows.
this is a long stupid entry. my apologies.

oh. i have two muxtape things. they're not up and working just yet. but will be soon. probably tomorrow night (tonight).
songs to wake to:
songs to say goodnight to:
be on the lookout. i'll update them on occasion.

ok. i'll sleep now.
until i write again. be good.


Bret said...


It's funny you saw thrice. My childhood just met your adultness.

joshua. said...

the last three Thrice records have been super good!

Bret said...

First two!

Jared Crouch said...

Glad to have you back dude. Keep me updated on the UK.

naomi said...

i haven't seen thrice since i was 14. i almost forgot about them actually.
IRONMAN WAS SO FANTASTIC! man, im jealous. you'll be going home before I am.