Monday, March 24, 2008

thoughts on arsenal. (i expect no comments)

well, its been a while since i've written anything on here so i figured i would write a few random thoughts that i've had today.

Arsenal recently lost to Chelsea and dropped to third place in the league. i hate it. im really bummed. angry. here are my recommendations:

-DROP Hleb!
Let Inter take him. Make sure they pay for him, but let him go. With the money (and let's face facts, Arsene's transfer policy ensures that we have plenty of money even if we didn't sell Hleb at a high price) we could buy someone to fill his spot and will want to work harder. Here's my beef with Hleb. A. he doesn't seem dedicated to doing what it takes to win trophies. He's happy to get his big fat check, he doesn't have to compete to get playing time. That's all he wants. B. He doesn't take shots. He stays on the ball too long and often tries to thread impossible passes through defenders, giving the ball away. He dribbles so well, but if you can't take shots, and you can't provide service to the people who can take shots, what good are you?

-DROP Eboue! I don't even care if we get anything out of him. worthless piece. He's got a terrible first touch, a terrible attitude, stays on the ball too long, doesn't score goals, ALWAYS gets cards, and is terribly irrational. I would rather have Walcott start EVERY GAME. Eboue is shit.

-Play Senderos instead of Toure. I think Toure is great. But i think that Senderos has really stepped up his game and is the solid last man that Toure is not. Gallas and Toure like to bring the ball up and play an offensive role. Senderos seems to enjoy being the last defense. I like a defensive player that loves to play defense. I think Sagna is that way. While he does play up the right constantly, he never fails at being back in time to defend. He is a defender first and foremost. (in fact i would say that Sagna and Clichy are probably my favorite players on the team right now. Not goal scorers, but so so so solid in their role on the team.)

-give Flamini what he wants. Do what's necessary to make sure he stays.

-extend Fabregas until the millennium. He wants to. We want to.

-Invest some money in some solid players to ride the bench. We need to be deeper to provide opportunities to rest the starting 11. When we've had injuries decimate the team this season we have had to shift people out of position and play reserve players, in order to put together a team. a little ridiculous. And i don't want to hate on Arsene's system in the slightest, because i think its great. but i am certainly not opposed to spending some money on players that are over 18.

- I would be curious to see 3 strikers up front. i am a steadfast believer in the 4-4-2, but i would be curious to see how Arsenal's attacking football would look with three strikers up front.

-Win Trophies.


manda said...

blahblahblah. i want you to teach horror movies and coach soccer

Bret said...

As soon I saw the "I expect no comments" I knew Amanda would give the first one.