Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scott Pilgrim Casting.

i was talking to tyler recently about the upcoming scott pilgrim movie and how awesome its going to be and who should have roles in the movie. i could not come up with any really decent recommendations off the top of my head so i have made it my mission in life to come up with what i think would be decent casting for scott pilgrim.
Scott- based on looks alone, i've come up with Aaron Stanford, who played Pyro in X3. i know that's not a huge endorsement, but i think he looks the part, and he seems a decent actor. (the dude in the picture is who i think would be a good Scott.

Ramona-should be everyone's favorite pregnant teenager, Ellen Page. That's what i think.

kim-should be played by Nora Zehetner of Brick fame. I kinda love her.

knives-could be played by Nan Zhang. she's on gossip girl, and i think could look young enough to be knives.

young neil is hard, because he's supposed to look like Scott. I dont know.

steven stills- i'd love Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" he's too old for the movie, but Steven still is supposed to be old.

Wallace-Zach Efron

natalie adams (scotts ex)-should be played by Leighton Meester, also of Gossip Girl.

Thats all of the main characters and some smaller ones too. that's all im coming up with for now.


Bret said...

I only know baby tiny bits about the comic, but those all seem like good choices. Especially Ellen and Nora. DAYUM.

Version #2 said...

Yes, these are excellent. I'm in the middle of Book 3 and it's my favorite so far.

samsam said...

you know way too much about tv....i love it!

manda said...

thanks, gossip girl

joshua. said...

Gossip Girl is sweet. don't hate!
EVERYONE needs to read Scott Pilgrim. it is i love it.