Saturday, March 8, 2008

Places to Visit.

While i maintain that there isn't a place on this planet i wouldn't like to visit, there are a few that i yearn to visit. As of late these are the places i most want to visit.

1. Jerusalem
-i don't think that one needs much explanation.

i can't say for certain what part of india i would like to see, but i would like to see india. I've wanted to since i was a kid. I grew up reading Rudyard Kipling stories and subsequently have fantasies of India and what its like ingrained in my brain. I want to see the jungle. I want to see tigers. I want to see the Taj Mahal. I want to see Zoroastrian fire temples, and Jain temples. I want to eat indian food CONSTANtLY.

3. (recent addition) Croatia.
Croatia is beautiful and has interesting history. It has early Christian history, Roman history,it was part of the Ottoman empire, it has history stemming from its time as one of the Warsaw Pact nations...and beaches. They also have soccer. Decent soccer at that.

4. (recent addition) Sudan
Did you know that Sudan has MORE pyramids than egypt! The history of Nubia really intrigues me lately. I want to check that business out.

5. Any portuguese speaking country (brasil, portugal, angola, moçambique, the açores, etc.)
i speak that, there is no reason i shouldn't see these places. speaking that language feels like an open door policy.

6. Baghdad.
it's babylon for heaven's sake, how could you not be interested? On top of that it was the capital of civilization and education during the Abbasid period.

there are certainly more. but those are top of the list for now.
what about you??

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