Friday, March 28, 2008

i don't normally want things for my birthday...

...and i suppose i still don't really want things in the sense of "someone please get this for me" (because i don't expect anyone to, and i would feel bad if anyone did). But were i going to get things for my birthday this year these are things i would be into.
1-the new US Men's National Team Home Jersey

2-Freaks and Geeks

3-Long sleeve Arsenal away jersey

4-Tickets for comic con (4 day pass)

5-Real Salt Lake away jersey

6-battlestar gallactica season 1

7-to get into grad school

8-to have someone pay for my grad school


Version #2 said...

I will pay for your grad school. No biggie, consider it done.

Mike T. said...

i'll letya watch freaks and geeks with me, if you come over. i'll even splurge for popeye's, or at least some hummus.

joshua. said...

i can't imagine anything that i would like more than that.

manda said...

i'm glad all your wants are so expensive. for your birthday, i'll have the prophet and apostles gather and give some big talks.

Tamra said...

That jersey is pretty dang cool. I like it. I think you'd look really good in it, too. I think guys who are darker-skined like you look super nice in white.