Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Future Ghosts.

i've been thinking a lot over the last day or so and i'm starting to come to some conclusions about life. i am making decisions that are simultaneously counterintuitive, surprisingly mature (though they bring on negative ramifications), but make me feel pretty good about me.
here is a good playlist that you should assemble with purely downloaded music and listen to throughout your day. it's what i'm listening to today. and i like the idea that you and i are somehow connected/on the same page.

First Time-Junior Boys
I Know- Jay Z
Sexual Explosion- Snoop Dogg (or sensual seduction if you have baby ears)
Don't Stop- Brazilian girls
Punchbag- Band of bees
Track 3- Ivy (i don't know the title)
Oh Horatio- Tiger Lou
Last Night they had to carry me home- Tiger Lou
August Day Song- Bebel Gilberto
Blue Light- Bloc Party
Let It Fall Apart- Helio Sequence
Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse- Minus the Bear
One With The Freaks- Notwist
One step inside doesn't mean you understand- Notwist
Loro- Pinback.

let these pictures of people eating giant burgers make you smile.


Version #2 said...

You are up so early to post this as 6am...I love when people eat head sized burgers...I really want a delicious burger now.

manda said...

those burgers did make me smile. let's go find some of those tomorrow!