Saturday, March 29, 2008

DUNE remake.

If the MUST remake DUNE- i think that Tarsem Singh is the director to do it. He directed "The Cell" in 2000 (i didnt much like the cell bit it was really cool looking). He also has a new movie coming called "The Fall" that Bret told me about/showed me the trailer for. It looks remarkable visually. It seems to me that Tarsem Singh is full capable of making a visually stunning sci-fi film without making it uncomfortably sci-fi, or sacrificing story for action/asthetic.


Bret said...

Whoa cool.

Wait, why are they remaking Dune? Is it going to be 5 hours long like it needs to be?

Bret said...

Wait I just checked imdb, and they say Peter Burg is directing it... and he doesn't look like much of a director.

Where are you getting this?