Thursday, March 6, 2008

a dream...and a nightmare?

today i had a dream while napping. in my dream i had been set up on a blind date with Katherine Heigl by my sister and brother in law. She seemed nice enough, but was pretty self involved. I, of course, was a little bit shy because thats how i am by nature. Add to that the fact that i was on a blind date with a celebrity and of course i'm going to be a little bit unnerved.
So we went to this fancy sushi place, but all i remember about it was that the tables were all so small that i had to pull them together to sit down (on this date was Katherine Heigl, me, my sister and her husband, and a few other random friends).
After sushi we went to this club/bar and Danzig was playing. But instead of playing Danzig songs they were playing covers of old hits from the 70's. There were lots of old people there and they were all singing along. Danzig was wearing a hybrid of a RUN DMC style adidas track suit and a StormTrooper uniform. It was rad. At a certain point he left the stage and came down to the bar area where i was sitting. He asked why i wasn't singing along with everyone else. I told him that i didn't know the songs. he was surprised, but didn't seem offended. You could tell that he wasn't hyped on doing 70's covers. I told him i liked his StormTrooper get up and he appreciated that, said "catch you later" and went back to the stage. I went back to the table and chatted with one of my friends who was there for a minute before Katherine Heigl came back from (i assume) the bathroom. She had decided she was going to leave. She was nice about it but expressed that she wished that i had talked more and not been so shy. i tried to explain myself a little bit, but it developed into and argument. she told me that she felt like i was too reserved and that she hadn't learned anything about me. i told her that she hadn't asked me anything about me, but had talked about herself all night. She took offense. I told her that it is natural for me to be slightly intimidated being out with a celebrity. We eventually made peace, decided that we should hang out again, and parted ways. I think we're dating now.
Future updates will come when we have our next date.

in other news. pictures of the costumes from watchmen have been posted. i don't like them. am i being nitpicky and overly critical? YES. But thats that. i'm tired of talking about it right now....barf.


manda said...

oh man, my dreams have taken over lately, my days are completely determined by my dreams

Bret said...

Danzig is more reasonable in that story than he has probably ever been in his whole life.

Also, seriously a cool outfit.