Saturday, March 29, 2008


i was just on the radio for the Real Salt Lake post-match show. I got cut off really fast so i didn't get to say even a beginning of what i had to say. these are my comments on the RSL game:

We need one defensive player who is going to be the rock in the back. We used to have Eddie Pope and you could always count on him to do what was necessary. Too often we tried to salvage the ball and it cost us chances on our goal. We need someone who will step up and clear the ball out of danger. A safety first center back. The job of the center-backs is to be a wall. Clear it out. don't toy around.
I liked that Wingert played from right-back all the way into the attacking third. Ian Joy played with panache that i appreciated.

Our midfield did a good job finding each other and giving options off the ball. However, i feel they need to train keeping shape. By working to maintain the midfield shape, not only can they find each other and give more chances, but they can use that shape to stretch the defense. As it was during the game a lot of the passing consisted of 4 foot, barely out of danger, passing. By keeping shape you let your strikers play up front; they should be receiving service from the midfield. not vice versa. Keep shape, maintain space, provide opportunities, take advantage of the speed of the pitch.

I DO like robbie findley. But i don't know if he's a 90 minute player. I'm not that familiar with him. He's got great pace, and i think that will make him a great sub. If i were to pick starting forwards, I would like to have Deuchar and Movsisyan train together and see how they gel. Deuchar is obviously a killer with his head. He won every header that came his way. Further, his headers aren't pop-up pinball headers. he brings the ball down with his head really well. Combine that with Movsisyan, who strikes me as being very goal-oriented striker (i'd be curious to see how many shots he took tonight). I think you have in Deuchar someone who can score with his head or play it to the feet of his striker counterpart. i think movsisyan should be that partner. He's not afraid to shoot, he seems a cool finisher.

Ridiculous. Comedic at times, infuriating other times. MLS has bad refs- i know. But there has to be some way to improve. The FA can fine refs for game changing calls, can MLS? Does the MLS even review their refs? Can the MLS even hope to be taken seriously as a league while the refs are this bad/while they cannot exercise any sort of control on the refs? these are my questions.

These are all early judgments. but i believe it.

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