Monday, March 31, 2008

my favorite lyricists.

in no particular order:

Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music/Rumbleseat/Chuck Ragan (among others)
-somehow chuck always was able to infuse punk rock emotion into old time wisdom and positive vibes. I've always loved him for it. And i still do.

John K Samson (Weakerthans, Propagandhi (like 2 songs))
-approachable poetry about the day to day and insight into the human condition from the point of view of cats.

Aaron Weiss (mewithoutYou)
-just awesome. i dunno what to say about it. obscure religious references and subtle Christianity make him a winner in my book.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

DUNE remake.

If the MUST remake DUNE- i think that Tarsem Singh is the director to do it. He directed "The Cell" in 2000 (i didnt much like the cell bit it was really cool looking). He also has a new movie coming called "The Fall" that Bret told me about/showed me the trailer for. It looks remarkable visually. It seems to me that Tarsem Singh is full capable of making a visually stunning sci-fi film without making it uncomfortably sci-fi, or sacrificing story for action/asthetic.


i was just on the radio for the Real Salt Lake post-match show. I got cut off really fast so i didn't get to say even a beginning of what i had to say. these are my comments on the RSL game:

We need one defensive player who is going to be the rock in the back. We used to have Eddie Pope and you could always count on him to do what was necessary. Too often we tried to salvage the ball and it cost us chances on our goal. We need someone who will step up and clear the ball out of danger. A safety first center back. The job of the center-backs is to be a wall. Clear it out. don't toy around.
I liked that Wingert played from right-back all the way into the attacking third. Ian Joy played with panache that i appreciated.

Our midfield did a good job finding each other and giving options off the ball. However, i feel they need to train keeping shape. By working to maintain the midfield shape, not only can they find each other and give more chances, but they can use that shape to stretch the defense. As it was during the game a lot of the passing consisted of 4 foot, barely out of danger, passing. By keeping shape you let your strikers play up front; they should be receiving service from the midfield. not vice versa. Keep shape, maintain space, provide opportunities, take advantage of the speed of the pitch.

I DO like robbie findley. But i don't know if he's a 90 minute player. I'm not that familiar with him. He's got great pace, and i think that will make him a great sub. If i were to pick starting forwards, I would like to have Deuchar and Movsisyan train together and see how they gel. Deuchar is obviously a killer with his head. He won every header that came his way. Further, his headers aren't pop-up pinball headers. he brings the ball down with his head really well. Combine that with Movsisyan, who strikes me as being very goal-oriented striker (i'd be curious to see how many shots he took tonight). I think you have in Deuchar someone who can score with his head or play it to the feet of his striker counterpart. i think movsisyan should be that partner. He's not afraid to shoot, he seems a cool finisher.

Ridiculous. Comedic at times, infuriating other times. MLS has bad refs- i know. But there has to be some way to improve. The FA can fine refs for game changing calls, can MLS? Does the MLS even review their refs? Can the MLS even hope to be taken seriously as a league while the refs are this bad/while they cannot exercise any sort of control on the refs? these are my questions.

These are all early judgments. but i believe it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

i don't normally want things for my birthday...

...and i suppose i still don't really want things in the sense of "someone please get this for me" (because i don't expect anyone to, and i would feel bad if anyone did). But were i going to get things for my birthday this year these are things i would be into.
1-the new US Men's National Team Home Jersey

2-Freaks and Geeks

3-Long sleeve Arsenal away jersey

4-Tickets for comic con (4 day pass)

5-Real Salt Lake away jersey

6-battlestar gallactica season 1

7-to get into grad school

8-to have someone pay for my grad school

Monday, March 24, 2008

thoughts on arsenal. (i expect no comments)

well, its been a while since i've written anything on here so i figured i would write a few random thoughts that i've had today.

Arsenal recently lost to Chelsea and dropped to third place in the league. i hate it. im really bummed. angry. here are my recommendations:

-DROP Hleb!
Let Inter take him. Make sure they pay for him, but let him go. With the money (and let's face facts, Arsene's transfer policy ensures that we have plenty of money even if we didn't sell Hleb at a high price) we could buy someone to fill his spot and will want to work harder. Here's my beef with Hleb. A. he doesn't seem dedicated to doing what it takes to win trophies. He's happy to get his big fat check, he doesn't have to compete to get playing time. That's all he wants. B. He doesn't take shots. He stays on the ball too long and often tries to thread impossible passes through defenders, giving the ball away. He dribbles so well, but if you can't take shots, and you can't provide service to the people who can take shots, what good are you?

-DROP Eboue! I don't even care if we get anything out of him. worthless piece. He's got a terrible first touch, a terrible attitude, stays on the ball too long, doesn't score goals, ALWAYS gets cards, and is terribly irrational. I would rather have Walcott start EVERY GAME. Eboue is shit.

-Play Senderos instead of Toure. I think Toure is great. But i think that Senderos has really stepped up his game and is the solid last man that Toure is not. Gallas and Toure like to bring the ball up and play an offensive role. Senderos seems to enjoy being the last defense. I like a defensive player that loves to play defense. I think Sagna is that way. While he does play up the right constantly, he never fails at being back in time to defend. He is a defender first and foremost. (in fact i would say that Sagna and Clichy are probably my favorite players on the team right now. Not goal scorers, but so so so solid in their role on the team.)

-give Flamini what he wants. Do what's necessary to make sure he stays.

-extend Fabregas until the millennium. He wants to. We want to.

-Invest some money in some solid players to ride the bench. We need to be deeper to provide opportunities to rest the starting 11. When we've had injuries decimate the team this season we have had to shift people out of position and play reserve players, in order to put together a team. a little ridiculous. And i don't want to hate on Arsene's system in the slightest, because i think its great. but i am certainly not opposed to spending some money on players that are over 18.

- I would be curious to see 3 strikers up front. i am a steadfast believer in the 4-4-2, but i would be curious to see how Arsenal's attacking football would look with three strikers up front.

-Win Trophies.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Future Ghosts.

i've been thinking a lot over the last day or so and i'm starting to come to some conclusions about life. i am making decisions that are simultaneously counterintuitive, surprisingly mature (though they bring on negative ramifications), but make me feel pretty good about me.
here is a good playlist that you should assemble with purely downloaded music and listen to throughout your day. it's what i'm listening to today. and i like the idea that you and i are somehow connected/on the same page.

First Time-Junior Boys
I Know- Jay Z
Sexual Explosion- Snoop Dogg (or sensual seduction if you have baby ears)
Don't Stop- Brazilian girls
Punchbag- Band of bees
Track 3- Ivy (i don't know the title)
Oh Horatio- Tiger Lou
Last Night they had to carry me home- Tiger Lou
August Day Song- Bebel Gilberto
Blue Light- Bloc Party
Let It Fall Apart- Helio Sequence
Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse- Minus the Bear
One With The Freaks- Notwist
One step inside doesn't mean you understand- Notwist
Loro- Pinback.

let these pictures of people eating giant burgers make you smile.

Friday, March 14, 2008


im going to a movie soon.
for now im listening to music. and sitting around...
i'll organize some comics i think.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snoop Dogg

Can i just say that the fact that Snoop Dogg exists makes this world a little bit brighter to me? Whether you like him or not, whether you like hip hop or not, Snoop Dogg is a pop culture icon that can't be ignored. He's had reality shows, a comedy show, he's been in movies, he's made porn and is a musician consistently selling ridiculous amounts of records. And he's been around since the 90's. I love knowing that of all the years of my life that have mattered (before 12/13 you're not really a person), snoop has been there cranking out tracks to bump to. I remember being 13 and buying Doggystyle and Murder was the Case and knowing all the words to the singles. I remember being relieved when he was exonerated in his homicide case. I remember thinking it weird when he left Death Row to go be on No Limit Records (i hated Master P. Hard (i was down with Mystikal though)).
He was gangsta before gangsta was cool (obs. he's still Gangsta).
He was pimpin before pimpin was hip cliche.
And here we are 15 years later and he's still cranking out the jams.
Take a minute to be grateful for snoop dogg.

p.s. on his new record "Ego Trippin" (out on the 11th) you need to here "My Medicine" as its dedicated to Johnny Cash "a real american gangster." Oh, did i mention that its a country track. DAMN RIGHT. and its cool

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Places to Visit.

While i maintain that there isn't a place on this planet i wouldn't like to visit, there are a few that i yearn to visit. As of late these are the places i most want to visit.

1. Jerusalem
-i don't think that one needs much explanation.

i can't say for certain what part of india i would like to see, but i would like to see india. I've wanted to since i was a kid. I grew up reading Rudyard Kipling stories and subsequently have fantasies of India and what its like ingrained in my brain. I want to see the jungle. I want to see tigers. I want to see the Taj Mahal. I want to see Zoroastrian fire temples, and Jain temples. I want to eat indian food CONSTANtLY.

3. (recent addition) Croatia.
Croatia is beautiful and has interesting history. It has early Christian history, Roman history,it was part of the Ottoman empire, it has history stemming from its time as one of the Warsaw Pact nations...and beaches. They also have soccer. Decent soccer at that.

4. (recent addition) Sudan
Did you know that Sudan has MORE pyramids than egypt! The history of Nubia really intrigues me lately. I want to check that business out.

5. Any portuguese speaking country (brasil, portugal, angola, moçambique, the açores, etc.)
i speak that, there is no reason i shouldn't see these places. speaking that language feels like an open door policy.

6. Baghdad.
it's babylon for heaven's sake, how could you not be interested? On top of that it was the capital of civilization and education during the Abbasid period.

there are certainly more. but those are top of the list for now.
what about you??

Thursday, March 6, 2008

a dream...and a nightmare?

today i had a dream while napping. in my dream i had been set up on a blind date with Katherine Heigl by my sister and brother in law. She seemed nice enough, but was pretty self involved. I, of course, was a little bit shy because thats how i am by nature. Add to that the fact that i was on a blind date with a celebrity and of course i'm going to be a little bit unnerved.
So we went to this fancy sushi place, but all i remember about it was that the tables were all so small that i had to pull them together to sit down (on this date was Katherine Heigl, me, my sister and her husband, and a few other random friends).
After sushi we went to this club/bar and Danzig was playing. But instead of playing Danzig songs they were playing covers of old hits from the 70's. There were lots of old people there and they were all singing along. Danzig was wearing a hybrid of a RUN DMC style adidas track suit and a StormTrooper uniform. It was rad. At a certain point he left the stage and came down to the bar area where i was sitting. He asked why i wasn't singing along with everyone else. I told him that i didn't know the songs. he was surprised, but didn't seem offended. You could tell that he wasn't hyped on doing 70's covers. I told him i liked his StormTrooper get up and he appreciated that, said "catch you later" and went back to the stage. I went back to the table and chatted with one of my friends who was there for a minute before Katherine Heigl came back from (i assume) the bathroom. She had decided she was going to leave. She was nice about it but expressed that she wished that i had talked more and not been so shy. i tried to explain myself a little bit, but it developed into and argument. she told me that she felt like i was too reserved and that she hadn't learned anything about me. i told her that she hadn't asked me anything about me, but had talked about herself all night. She took offense. I told her that it is natural for me to be slightly intimidated being out with a celebrity. We eventually made peace, decided that we should hang out again, and parted ways. I think we're dating now.
Future updates will come when we have our next date.

in other news. pictures of the costumes from watchmen have been posted. i don't like them. am i being nitpicky and overly critical? YES. But thats that. i'm tired of talking about it right now....barf.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scott Pilgrim Casting.

i was talking to tyler recently about the upcoming scott pilgrim movie and how awesome its going to be and who should have roles in the movie. i could not come up with any really decent recommendations off the top of my head so i have made it my mission in life to come up with what i think would be decent casting for scott pilgrim.
Scott- based on looks alone, i've come up with Aaron Stanford, who played Pyro in X3. i know that's not a huge endorsement, but i think he looks the part, and he seems a decent actor. (the dude in the picture is who i think would be a good Scott.

Ramona-should be everyone's favorite pregnant teenager, Ellen Page. That's what i think.

kim-should be played by Nora Zehetner of Brick fame. I kinda love her.

knives-could be played by Nan Zhang. she's on gossip girl, and i think could look young enough to be knives.

young neil is hard, because he's supposed to look like Scott. I dont know.

steven stills- i'd love Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" he's too old for the movie, but Steven still is supposed to be old.

Wallace-Zach Efron

natalie adams (scotts ex)-should be played by Leighton Meester, also of Gossip Girl.

Thats all of the main characters and some smaller ones too. that's all im coming up with for now.