Wednesday, February 20, 2008


in the new wolverine movie Hugh Jackman will be back as Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds will be showing up as Deadpool, and Will.I.Am will be Wraith.
I like the inclusion of that seems rad.
Ryan Reynolds as deadpool...
I like deadpool. I like ryan reynolds. But i think he should have held out for a better role. He has the face and the build to play a better hero. there's no reason that he should be considered for Cap or Thor instead of a b-lister like deadpool.
i dont hate deadpool. i like him. but he's not going to take on a larger role than being a supporter in the wolverine movie.
it does however reveal that deadpool will be in the wolverine movie. which is interesting considering deadpool's history with Weapon X and all that business. Further both wolvie and deadpool have the healing factor, so they could make for interesting rivals.
I dont know much about Wraith who will be played by but cool.
Taylor Kitsch will be playing gambit in the movie. i guess he was in friday night lights. he looks appropriately dreamy/feminine to be gambit. and once they black out his eyes and give him a cajun accent i can see that being really cool.
who knew that i would be optimistic about the wolverine movie???

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manda said...

whatever! i'm more than optimistic!