Friday, February 29, 2008

We've Been Decieved.

Ron Paul and Noam Chomsky are the same person. Both hate the American empire. both love conspiracies and a return to constitutional/moral government. However, when this man feels appropriately libertarian, he cleans up his look in order to appear sufficiently conservative and campaigns for President. On other days he lets himself go a bit, rocks his glasses and extols the virtues of the left.
So often i hear people criticize Superman by saying "why don't people recognize that Superman is Clark Kent! All he does is put on glasses and people don't see that its him!?"
And yet we face the same issue. "Why dont people recognize that Ron Paul and Noam Chomsky are the same person!? All he does is put on glasses!"
I'll let you decide which one is the champion of the people.

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