Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things to be looking forward to...

There are lots of movies that i am looking forward to this year. they are (in no special order)(and i always forget some of them)

*Iron Man

*Hellboy II

*Dark Knight

*Incredible Hulk

*Pineapple Express: Judd Apatow produced comedic goodness.

*Where the Wild things are

*Indiana Jones

*Be Kind, Rewind

*Clone Wars animated movie: i need a star wars fix. so what?

*Speed Racer

*The Fighter: darren aronofsky's newest

*The New James Bond movie: james bond is sweet

*Wanted: maybe. its based on a comic, but doesn't look much like the comic. sheesh.

*Choke: hopefully. it's based on a Chuck Palahniuk book. high hopes.

*The Happening: can m. night shamalamalamalamalan make a good one following that stinker? who knows. it has mark wahlburg. thats cool.

*Get Smart: looks funny. I used to watch that show growing up

*Wall-E: i like pixar movies, and this one seems really interesting

*Valkyrie: brian singer is a decent director. Tom Cruise is a nazi that is going to assassinate in the movie.

*The New Star Trek movie: i normally don't like star trek, but this intrigues me.

i should be writing a quiz right now. yipes.
Everyone pray for the gunners today.
first leaked pics of 2-face in dark knight (obs. these are not 2 Face. they are the planned action figure for the movie. so it will tell us what to expect from the movie);


Version #2 said...

Big suit!!!!!

Mathias said...

did you see this yet?