Tuesday, February 5, 2008

People do this.

Now I do too.
I pick my records based upon what i actually listen to. not by what is complicated, acclaimed, or otherwise praiseworthy. there are records that i recognize are amazing, but i don't listen to them much. so be it

My Records of 2007 are as follows (in no specific order):

Alchemy Index- Thrice
The Cool- Lupe Fiasco
Desire- Pharoahe Monch
Graduation- Kanye West tied with Double Up- R. Kelly
Reunion Tour- the Weakerthans

Honorable Mentions:

Bangers & Cash- Benny Blanco and Spank Rock: super dirty booty rap. exactly what you'd expect from Spank, exactly what you get.

Mirrored- Battles- deserves all the acclaim it gets, i just can't listen to it for long periods.

Finding Forever- Common- strangely enough i felt like this records lyrical content was its weak side. strange from common who is normally a great lyricist

Wincing the Night Away- The Shins-their best record. i dunno if people agree i don't care. its nice to have production value

Versions- Poison the Well- not the poison the well i grew up with. a change for the better i think

Free at Last- Freeway- this almost made the best of list. his first record had one track on it i was into. i think this one only has one im not into.

City of Echoes- Pelican- this is slowly going to overtake all the records on the best of list. so good.

Records Worth Missing:
8 Diagrams- Wu-Tang Clan- what a let down. ugh.

The 3rd Hand- RJD2- rad dj. bummer of a weird pop artist. (jury is still out as to whether i would like this if i didn't know rjd2 as a dj first... i'll let you know.)

p.s. a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street??? NOOOOOOOOOOooooooo......!!!!
a remake of DUNE??? NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo.......!!!


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Mackenzie said...

I liked The Shins album too

naomi said...

I have never heard anyone use the term "booty rap" to describe dark and dirty beats before.