Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oscars 2008

I decided halfway through not to publish full predictions, as i don't feel i've seen enough of them. But these are strong opinions i have.

Best Actor in a leading Role
-Daniel Day-Lewis: There Will Be Blood. 0% doubt.

Best Animated Feature
-Persepolis. It was beautiful to look at, and a fabulous story. Ratatouille was fun and well animated, but Persepolis had more substance.

Best Film
There will be Blood.

Movie that should get no awards: Atonement.
I hated this movie hard. Romance, england, long crane shots, war, keira knightley? sounds like a movie i would love love love. but NO.
Only redeeming characteristics of the movie:
the Letter
looking at Keira knightley for a few hours. (the movie tried its best to make even this beloved past time tedious. may it be cursed)

Movie that deserves the "its a solid OK award": Juno.
Contrived dialog nearly destroyed this film for me. Why do people who write screenplays think that teenagers talk completely in wack ass jibber jabber code language? Much of the dialog in this movie was on par with Bill and Ted's, which i love, but one is nominated for oscars, and the other was Keanu Reeves in the 80's.
I wanted to love this. But everytime there was an unnecessary pseudo-teenager slang term was like fingernails on a chalk board for me.
could i do better? probably not. but i don't have to, i paid 8 dollars to have an opinion, popular or not.

when will Phoenix's new record be out? i'm tired of waiting.

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you are hilarious.