Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's All Fun and Games...

well, i spent the weekend in provo (as i'm sure a few of you noticed). it was a good time. it's nice to go down there and have friends. I love my friends in salt lake- but i get out far far less.
a big topic of conversation while i was there was the creation of the provo push blog, in connection with a secret BYU football loving identity on facebook. although i haven't yet seen that it has been updated since its creation, it purports to be a blog of juicy provo gossip. i like it. i am in favor. as has been pointed out it is our very own Gossip Girl blog. Since it's creation everyone has been attempting to guess the identity of our mysterious gossip blogging friend. I have my theories, and i'm sure you do too. but the point of this blog is to advocate the abandonment of all our theories.
I think everyone is pretty hyped on the idea. However, when the identity of the person/people behind it is discovered our beloved source of juicy gossip will be lost. so please- let it go. don't worry about who is doing it. just be content that it exists. contribute if you have good stuff- and enjoy the lecherous joy of gossip.
it is enjoyable right now, but eventually it will suck. its going to hurt peoples feelings and share things that people don't want shared. that is the nature of this beast. as they say "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." i believe thats a true statement. For now, this is fun and games. Eventually someone will get hurt. But before you think "maybe this isn't the best idea!" let me see if i can change your perspective a bit.
When someone is injured in a sports game- they are applauded as they are taken off the field. Nobody ever stops and says "you know, maybe we should get rid of sports, people get hurt!" instead, they say "well, s/he knew the risks when he got into it."

And so with gossip, its all fun and games until someone gets hurt (which is why its fun to those of us unhurt). So let the fun and games proceed, but we should also be aware that at one point this will lead to its inevitable end- someone, perhaps everyone, perhaps you or i, will be hurt. if it still sounds good to you, well good. happy birthday bret. may 23 be your best year yet.
the end.


Version #2 said...

Here here!

Alison said...

Could not agree with you LESS about that blog! But kisses all the same, and may i say you have a very nice blog.

joshua. said...

please. i'd love to hear what you disagree with. i'm not combative. just curious.