Friday, February 15, 2008

I just wanted to point out...

the comments on Provo Push have vindicated my initial instincts. People are starting to backbite and treat each other terribly. It's sad. But it was destined to happen.

I received one comment on my last blog saying that they disagreed with my stance. And I agree with disagreeing! I'm glad that someone disagreed. Someone with a bigger heart than mine would disagree.
My stance in it-what i tried to put forward (only semi-successfully??) is that a gossip blog is a bad idea- because gossip is inherently bad. and i'll go a step further to point out that everyone knows gossip is wrong! (((((UPDATE: having gone back and read my post i can tell that i did not express that idea well. i, like many others, was caught up in the initial humour of the situation. as such i supported it. i dont think id do any different if i went back in time. but i think everyone has known since the beginning it was a bad idea/destined to go wrong. i'll attempt to express myself more clearly in the future. back to your originally schedule program....)))))
but in life, i believe, we get what we want. and for a period of time (may it end soon) we wanted to talk down to each other, share information that is not ours to share, and find humor/drama in the difficulties of others. we wanted to say cruel things to each other, and about each other and hide behind the anonymity of the internet. well, i hope that our hunger for unnecessary drama is quenched and we can be done with it.

i wrote a small article on comics for bardhi's up and coming zine. check it when you get the chance. it's entitle 'the ultimate nullifier.' it was almost called "the belly of the worm" but bardhi didn't like that one so much. so look for it.

i don't like that people love kanye west so much. don't get me wrong. i like him. but be realistic. -more on that at another time.

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scott pilgrim
the amazing adventures of Kavalier and Klay.

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Version #2 said...

Yes, it's gone too far. Maybe I particularly feel this way since I've been sexually slandered on comments! Numerous times at that. I'm just as guilty as anyone for thinking it was all fun and games in the beginning. It's too much, someone's gotta know where to stop.