Saturday, February 2, 2008


I think cover songs are interesting. Subsequently i made a playlist of some of the covers i like a lot and they're originals. It's not all the covers i have, just the ones i wanted to include. If you know of other rad covers i should know of-you should tell me. and i will check them out. I intend to continue adding to this. There are some things im missing on it. but they will be added. guaranteed.

"10:15 Saturday Night" by the Living End- orig. by The Cure
"Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams- orig. by Oasis
"Warsaw" by Swing Kids- orig. by Joy Division
"Two Sides" by Strike Anywhere- orig. by Gorilla Biscuits
"This Night has Opened my Eyes" by At the Drive-In- orig. by the Smiths
"This Charming Man" by Death Cab, and Braid- orig. by the smiths
"Things We Say" by Defiance, OH- orig. by Gorilla Biscuits
"These Boots were Made for Walking" by 7 Seconds, and operation Ivy- orig. by Nancy Sinatra (the Op Ivy cover is entitled "One of these days")
"Six Different Ways" by the Casket Lottery- orig. by the Cure
"Ringing of Revolution" by the Weakerthans- orig. by Phil Ochs (i cant make it through the original. haha)
"Red House" by the Casket Lottery- orig. by Shudder to Think
"Never Meant" by Owen and American Football (i dunno that this really counts as a cover)
"Mrs Robinson" by Weezer- orig. by Simon and Garfunkel
"The Man Who Sold the World" by Nirvana, orig. by David Bowie
"I'm Always in Love" by Owen- orig. by Wilco
"I Want You to Want Me" by Propagandhi- orig. by Cheap Trick
"I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by Otis Redding- orig. by the Rolling Stones (i think?)
"Hybrid Moments" by Burning Brides- orig. by the Misfits
"Here Comes My Baby" by Yo La Tengo- orig. by Cat Stevens
"Don't Look Back in Anger" by Owen- orig. by Oasis
"Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (1. O Fortuna)" by Botch- orig. composed by karl orff in Carmina Burana
"Femme Fatale" by Owen- orig. by the Velvet Underground
"Dazed and Confused" by Cave In- orig. by Led Zepplin
"Clash City Rockers" by Saves the Day- orig. by The Clash
"Chesterfield Kings" by Owen- orig. by Jawbreaker
"AstroZombies" by Pennywise and My Chemical Romance- orig. by the Misfits (haha- those are good ones)
"All is full of love" by Death Cab- orig. by Bjork (i hate the deathcab version)
"Across the universe" by Fiona Apple- orig. by the beatles.

p.s. Arsenal is back in the top spot in EPL.
p.s.s. I miss mikey taylor. if you read this mikey. i love you.


Graham and Kate said...

I have a few more for you..
"Such great heights"- Iron and Wine orig. by Postal Service
"Wonderwall"- Cat Power orig. by Oasis
"Wish you were here"- Wyclef John orig. by Pink Floyd
Not necessarily a cover but Matt Costa's new song "Miss Magnolia" sounds eerily like" Summertime" by Munga Jerry.

Bret said...

Go to my space and watch the video I have on there now. Bam.

joshua. said...

i also just added "Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory" by ...Trail of dead, Orig. by Guided by Voices.