Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A brief encounter.

i'm home from Christmas break. i think the heater in my room is broken again. sheesh.
here are some things about my life right now:

i hung some pictures in the apartment tonight. they're all terribly off center. don't point it out.

for some reason i seem busy since i've returned home. strange to me.

can i request transcripts via phone?

grad school apps.

writing things.

its nice to be home.

Arsenal is still on top of the league. Carlos Vela and Djourou are coming back from being on loan. Thats good because Van Persie, so rad, is always injured, and Toure is going to the Cup of African Nations. Eduardo is growing on my slowly. He's a killer in the box.

Check back with me tomorrow for less interesting/important updates in a blog about hip hop entitled "in defense (and condemnation) of 'the cool')
until then watch this...with the sound off.

p.s. people say i seem more grown up lately. funny.
p.s.s. kanye west is great, but can't rap. he's a pop star. not a rapper.

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