Sunday, December 16, 2007

its nice to see.

i just saw the video for Battles "Atlas" and "Tonto" and they were refreshingly good. The video for Atlas was really interesting to watch. I like the video for tonto as well, but i liked being able to watch them push buttons and do things in Atlas.
I do so love battles. Though i think i continue to prefer Don Cab.
here are the videos. its amazing how much i like these videos.


i suppose if you like battles, you should also check out other bands that are awesome:
Don caballero
Ghosts and Vodka
Crime in Choir
65 days of static

and im sure there are some others but im forgetting them right now.
For the record- if you like stuff like battles, and you like minus the bear, there is NO REASON you shouldn't be passionate for botch. so its loud and the singer screams. quit being a wiener and learn to love botch.
other bands that people should learn to love include:
Cave In (old stuff)
ISIS (seriously)
Mouth of the Architect
you and i
yaphet kotto (scope the Running Man reference!!)
as always there are more- but for another time.

i also liked the MIA video for boys.
this track definitely has the BBC djs feel. rad.
here scope it.

i think thats it for today.
oh yeah
ARSENAL-1 chelsea-0
One more for the GOONERS!

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