Wednesday, December 12, 2007

its been a long time, shouldn't have left you...

im watching the republican debates right now. ugggh.
i've watched most of the democratic debates. ugggh.
politics in america is a mess. There isn't a single candidate that I like. As of now, it looks as though either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will win the Democratic nomination. I will not vote for either of them as their policy positions currently stand.
The Republican nomination is pretty up-for-grabs (primarily between Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee (and depending who you ask, Fred Thompson)). Goodness knows i'm not a huge fan of any of theirs either.
The mormon question has brought the element of religion into the race. This has me a little on edge because i find it tedious. I'm happy to be mormon, and when people criticize it it only strengthens my desire to stand behind it. Are mormon beliefs/doctrine wacky? yes. But no wackier than religious faith in general. Even if you look at it as "mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers" how is that any crazier than Catholics believing in transubstantiation (the idea that the emblems of the sacrament transform into the actual flesh and blood of Christ), or the idea that some memorized acceptance of Christ can guarantee a glorious after life in heaven, doing who knows what?
That, however, is all beyond the point. The point is that "the mormon question" or the questioning of anyone's religious beliefs has no part in the election of public officers. I am completely in favor of secularism in the public realm. In fact, I am put off by candidates who speak of prayer, faith, or religion in general. Mike huckabee likes to quote christian values ("do unto others as you would have them do" and "as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these least, ye did it unto me" most recently)- well congratulations. You will not be receiving my vote.
Sadly, criticism of mormons is coming from both sides of the political divide. Its really disappointing to see the treatment of mormons who are by all accounts stalwart patriots. So much for tolerance in america.(i want to point out that if the criticism of mormons came only from political generalizations that could be made about mormons i would not take offense. However, when it comes to criticism of points of doctrine, church leaders and accusations of racism, i take it a bit more personally.)
im over it. its just a glaring example of the circus of politics.
in better news i learned how to make a subwoofer that looks like the death-star. it looks like way more work than i am capable of, but if someone wants to make me one heres the link...
DeathStar Plans "help us obiwan kenobe, you're our only hope"

im also wanting to toy with circuit bending and try to build a Kraakdoo or Crackle Box. anyone have experience with that?

im listening to Deftones/team sleep a lot lately. The new Rivers Cuomo demo record is ok. thats about it.

I want this arsenal jacket
for Christmas. Get it for me?

does anyone want to see "I Am Legend" with me at Imax?

watch this video.