Saturday, December 22, 2007

I wake up crazy

im watching the Vegas Bowl. BYU is going to win. mark it.

everytime i wake up- i am delusional and crazy.
Example #1-
As an unemployed man, i take a lot of naps on the couch. the other day i had fallen asleep on the couch for a while. when i awoke it was about 4:30 in the afternoon. I had slept flat on my back and when i started to raise my head my brain thought "don't!" so i promptly laid flat again. I then thought to myself that my roommate had booby trapped the couch to through pudding on me when i tried to get up. I lied flat on the couch for easily 10 minutes contemplating how i was going to get off the couch- eventually i just had to go for it. So i rolled off the couch onto the floor as quickly as possible. Once on the floor, i stood up and sat back down in order to watch soccer. It took me another 30 minutes to realize that not only is it asinine to think that my roommate would booby trap the couch- but it was preposterous to think that he could booby trap the couch.

Example #2-
By brother brought be a fancy basket full of cookies today. it had fancy wrapping and ribbons and it looked pretty and presentable. Attached to the ribbons was a clear plastic miniature basket.i awoke from a nap wanting to eat a cookie and watch the BYU game. initially i thought that if i pulled on the plastic baskets, the ribbons would come untied and i could eat cookies. but when i pulled on the basket, it broke really easily and my brain said "i think that must be candy!" so i tried to eat this plastic mini basket- in the process cutting my lip and bleeding all over the place.

im stupid.
BYU needs to win this. and its not going well just yet. stupid. so stupid.


Version #2 said...

I just booby(ie)? trapped your couch with pudding pops. Enjoy!

manda said...