Friday, December 21, 2007

I really don't mean this in a dickheaded way

-really, i don't want this to sound cruel or like im laughing at someones misfortune. but seriously, why can't george lucas and Stephen Hawking get together and build Hawking a darth vader body.
it takes a lot for me to say this because i effing hate robots ("he's more machine than man. Twisted and Evil). but you would think technology has progressed enough that wheel chair would be a little obsolete. its pretty cool that you can control a wheel chair through those straw things, but isn't the next logical step something besides a moving platform? when is nanotechnology going to start doing useful things? like darth vader bodies?
(if i'm wrong on some of this, and nanotech is doing awesome stuff and i just don't know, will someone inform me?? i read scientific american and national geographic and they talk about nanotech all the time, but its always about invisibility and making glass heat resistant and stuff. silly)

listen to this awesome quote by Stephen Hawking (who, by the way, i think is more brilliant than everyone i know combined) "I think life on Earth is at an increased risk of being wiped out by disaster, such as sudden global warming, nuclear war or a genetically engineered virus or other dangers...I think the human race has no future if it doesn't go into space."
we sci-fi kids are really going to have a leg up then. suckers. start listening to Millenium Falcor.
moving on. how effed up were iron lungs? that would suck terribly.

man- this whole blog came out wrong.
and the grammar on the last one was poop.


Bret said...

He's not only the smartest man in the world because he literally is... But he's so smart that he re-thinks all of his knowledge every few years, and changes everything just to be that much smarter.

He probably has ten darth vader bodies. Or he doesn't care because he can visit the astral plane (of knowledge).

Mackenzie said...

Hahahaha I like this post. My dad is an environmental manager in nanotech, so this post pretty much covers his whole profession. I read it to him and we both had a chuckle and gave some thought to your suggestions. Thanks to you, nanotech could start moving in a much more relevant direction.....

Also, I named my gingerbread man Josh, but I'm not artistically endowed enough to fashion a hoodie with a frosting tube, so it might actually be a different Josh that I don't know yet.

Also again, my friend was wearing a ManU jersey and I told him I knew someone who was a diehard Arsenal fan, and he got really upset and it was funny. (He also likes some team called the Spurs?) Anyway, he said that Arsenal sucked and I said: "What are you talking about? They win all the time." Smackdown! I guess it's just because of you that I knew that, and I thought you should know. I can't profess to be an Arsenal fan, but I am their defender in proxy!