Thursday, December 20, 2007

and they ain't leaving until 6 in tha mornin!

it's currently 6:21 in the a.m. and im awake. im not really happy about it to tell you the truth. for some reason i didn't fall asleep until about 3 am. and then my eyes popped open again at 5:30. so now im sitting around in my undies in my living room. I tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail.
As i laid on the couch with my eyes closed trying to go back to sleep i couldn't help but think about Lampião. I dunno why. I don't even know anything about Lampião to tell you the truth.

--well i just went around and read a bit on Lampião to remind myself. Lampião was a working class youth in the NE of Brasil who's family got involved in a feud. His dad got killed by police so he gave up the working mans life and becoming a bandit. He's looked at as robin hood nowadays, and his typical style of leatherwork (most specifically that hat) can be bought pretty much anywhere today. he, his girlfriend, and 9 of his pals (the cangaço) ended up dead, with their heads on traveling display in the northeast of brasil.

i think i knew more about him than most in my mission, because it was that kind of folklore that always sucked me in. further, he is a frequent topic of what apparently in cordel literature (essentially early brasilian comics-though in truth they're more like illustrated pamphlets). but i always liked them when i was there and bought a lot of them (and threw most of them away-regretfully). they have them on everything from poems to science and politics, dramas and romance in serialization- all with woodcut print illustrations. they really are so so so so so cool. they look like this (it's lampião and his girlfriend maria bonita (déa)):

im glad i got to live in a part of brasil that is still so uniquely brasilian.
im always surprised when i find out that people read my blog. if you do, you should tell me. i like it.
i dunno how coherent this blog is. sorry.


Mackenzie said...

This Lampião guy seems like a real a Brazilian Billy the Kid, no?

Bret said...

Sometimes I wish our government would something that really destroyed my life, so I could justify becoming a bandit.