Monday, November 19, 2007

that didn't count.

i generally try not to write on this thing twice in a day, but it's been a while, so i suppose i can bear to write in it. and that last one is just drivel anyway.
here's an update of what i'm about these days.

-i'm bummed cause mattitude (who i love) just turned on fox news super loud and left the room. sigh. (obs. the dude on Fox news just said "sperms" haha)

-i tried to join what most would consider a cult last night. i didn't because the annual fees were too much money. i'm all about the secret chiefs, and i think they're all about me.
this is what i would have learned:
---the magic of Light
---The Holy Qabalah / healing qualities of the Tree of Life
---Tarot meditation, magic and divination
---Astrology / Gematria / Geomancy
---Astral travel / astral projection
---protection rites / banishings
---Skrying / clairvoyance / traveling in the spirit vision
---Ceremonial magic / alchemy
---Enochian / angelic magic and techniques
---Talismans / amulets

-i'm working on grad school applications right now. i hate applications.
-i'm looking for a new job where i can make money...because of grad school. garbage.
-this is the book that i'm reading right now. i really really enjoy it.
i'm also reading a few others, that i've yet to draw any conclusions about. soon enough.
-i'm tired a lot. but thats all for now. maybe later i'll have more to say.

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manda said...

you have good things to say