Thursday, November 8, 2007

A quick entry for the evening.

I wanted to leave everyone with a special message from Ghostface Killah tonight:

On Living:"a lot of y'all ain't livin' right, walkin' around like a zombie. Y'all sleepin' too much. Time is money. it's time to get up with some new ideas. think of an invention. make a new toilet bowl or something."

On Hustlin': "gotta stay on point. this is survival. a man is a man. don't let nothin' scare you. this is the science of karma. a lot of the time, when y'all handle our beef right there on the spot, it gets deaded right there on the spot."

On Love: "surveys say chick gotta wait like 8 months before she can shit in your crib but if that's your girl how you gonna tell the chick she can't shit?"

On Nutrition: "Comin' from where we come from in the hood, we make a lot of things work. We can't be out there movin' in these fancy restaurants. i still eat ramen noodles. easy quick meals. there's mad ways you can just freak shit. just look in the cabinets. You can put something over the ramen noodles"

On Toneology (the study of pretty toney): "it all stems from the table. Nowadays everybody wants to take their plates and go to their rooms. we're supposed to be at the table, like a family. once everybody leaves that table, that's where the house starts gettin' broke up at. we gotta bring it back to the table."

i just wanted to leave anyone out there that's reading this with that message...and i pissed in a garbage can in park city tonight. more tomorrow.