Sunday, November 4, 2007

lazing on a sunday afternoon.

before i take my sunday nap i think i will update this. im trying to form a habit.

first: everyone should own everything that Queen has ever done.

second: everyone should eat something delicious on sunday afternoon and then nap.

third: everyone should go out and read WATCHMEN by Alan Moore. its a graphic novel that graced Time Magazine's top 100 english language novels. It's being made into a movie and will be released in 2009. Read it before its butchered by hollywood. you'll be glad you did. it's always cooler to say that you read it BEFORE it was a movie.

fourth: jay z is too cool to exist in the same realm as us normal humans.

fifth: im looking to download the records by Supernatural (the rapper) and Witchdoctor but can't find them. garbage. but i am going to see ghostface killa on wednesday with Rakim and Brother Ali. rad.

quotation for the moment: "i ask you to be my clementine, you say you will if you could but you can't."
freddie mercury. he and i are somehow on the same page.

maybe i'll add pictures later.

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