Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i've recently settled on the idea that i want to study Anthropology of Religion for my masters degree. this is something that i never tire of. I really like different theological thought and the superstitions, mysteries, and mythologies that accompany them. i like official theologies offered by religions as coherent explanations of faith. i also like the far out sounding "space" doctrines that despite neglect continue to exist in connection with the officially recognized dogmas of religions, often despite condemnation and discrediting.
i mentioned this in my class today, explaining that i would like to study the relationship between official doctrinal stances of religion and the accompanying folk religion, superstition, magic, and the occult and the response i got was "that's great!...and you're mormon!" i'm not really sure what that means. but it made me laugh. i think i kinda get it though.

anyway. things that have sparked my interest this week include
Grimoires (in general)and Picatrix (a book originally in arabic, later translated to latin, which contains lots of info on talismanic magic, conjuring spirits and astrology), Goetia:the Lesser Key of Solomon (the method by which Solomon is purported to have conjured and captured 72 demons) (in particular).
I've been rereading a lot of things about mystery cults and alchemy lately too.
i came across something called the Voynich manuscript, a book written in the late 1400's/early 1500's, that nobody has ever been able to translate. it is written in some crazy language that nobody understands. anyway look into it. pretty cool. aliens wrote it-obviously. yeah, i listen to tool. so what?
someone pay for me to go to grad school.
books i want to read right now:
high fidelity.
tao te ching.
the cairo trilogy.
the name of the rose.

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