Monday, November 26, 2007

whats next in star wars.

if you don't like star wars, its because you're stupid. i'm putting my foot down on that.
CLICK HERE to see what's going on with awesome star wars stuff.
don't suck. check it out.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

3 hours.

i went to church today. i even went for the full duration. i'm fairly sure its the first time i've been to a church meeting in it's entirety this year. it was simultaneously exactly what i anticipated and not as bad as i expected.
The priesthood meeting was about writing in journals-ugh. it was taught by your typical 'i got home from my mission recently' priesthood instructor, and was full of the expected "does anyone have an experience?" and "what do we think he meant?"questions.
then came sunday school, which brings me to the point which i hope to address in this blog posting.
a- don't spend half the time rambling about some unrelated topic as an "introduction" to the lesson. nobody gives a crap about some weak comparison to your high school extra curriculars.
b- don't spend 10 minutes on each scripture you read in class looking for examples and spiritual experiences only to determine that the scripture means exactly what it says.

c- do not tell me that there are things that i shouldn't study, or will do me no good. don't tell me that knowing about "space doctrine" isn't as important as something else. Somehow Kolob has become a slur word for "religious nonsense" in mormonese. The next time someone says that they don't have to think about "deeper theology" because all they need is faith/repentance/baptism/holy ghost- i'm going to scream. you may as well transform completely into a mainstream christian and tell me "accept Jesus" or "confess the name of Jesus and be saved- the blood of Jesus has power!"
i didn't know that certain passages of scripture had at some point been deemed apocryphal or otherwise taboo in someway. I guess no more reading Revelation, or Ezekiel and his beasts, or Isiah and all his nonsense, no more genesis-because it talks about stars and things that don't make sense to humans, or how about no more new testament, cause let's face facts- the atonement IS "space doctrine"- salvation IS deep doctrine.
where did this filter on theology come from? unique theology is what made mormonism what it was at its inception.
the example that always gets thrown around as useless knowledge/gospel trivia is "Kolob" and stars. Granted, we don't have tons of information about that and i won't be turned away from the pearly gates for not knowing constellations. However, genesis tells us that the lights in the firmament were for placed there for signs and for seasons and for days and years. Abraham studied astronomy (astrology?) and it was important enough that God revealed it to him, and then again to moses a few hundred years later. it was via stars and astronomy that God marked the birth of his son (both in the Old and new world)- at the death of his son, what was absent? stars. so is it really useless? i dunno. Joseph didn't seem to think so.
anyway. thats a bit of a rant tonight.
i suppose i will save more for later- next time: mormons- christians?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Top Five...

...bands that i miss.

Twelve hour turn

Cap'n Jazz

Casket Lottery


Murder City Devils

that didn't count.

i generally try not to write on this thing twice in a day, but it's been a while, so i suppose i can bear to write in it. and that last one is just drivel anyway.
here's an update of what i'm about these days.

-i'm bummed cause mattitude (who i love) just turned on fox news super loud and left the room. sigh. (obs. the dude on Fox news just said "sperms" haha)

-i tried to join what most would consider a cult last night. i didn't because the annual fees were too much money. i'm all about the secret chiefs, and i think they're all about me.
this is what i would have learned:
---the magic of Light
---The Holy Qabalah / healing qualities of the Tree of Life
---Tarot meditation, magic and divination
---Astrology / Gematria / Geomancy
---Astral travel / astral projection
---protection rites / banishings
---Skrying / clairvoyance / traveling in the spirit vision
---Ceremonial magic / alchemy
---Enochian / angelic magic and techniques
---Talismans / amulets

-i'm working on grad school applications right now. i hate applications.
-i'm looking for a new job where i can make money...because of grad school. garbage.
-this is the book that i'm reading right now. i really really enjoy it.
i'm also reading a few others, that i've yet to draw any conclusions about. soon enough.
-i'm tired a lot. but thats all for now. maybe later i'll have more to say.

good things.

good things.
matt wood linked me to this video today. it makes my mind marvel.

and THIS is good news too. for the record, you should all go read THE SURROGATES before it's a movie, just in case they botch it all up.

Scott Pilgrim 4 was fantastic. FANTASTIC. its going to be a movie sooner or later too (with Edgar Wright (director of Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) directing). you should read it first.

Monday, November 12, 2007

we wake up in the morning and bear away.

you are just as indie as any other fuckin indie kid

i knew it was coming.
there is further explanation of that post on the way. bear with me.

until then go listen to

"the deep-rooted meaning of a vampire is one who strives and exists off the energy found in situations, interactions, and communications. There are negative and positive intentions behind this, but as far as the punk rock perspective is concerned, what better way to become a weapon of the supposed revolution against normal society than to become totally in control of your own energy? We're not out sucking blood, but taking back the energies from those complacent fucks in the world."

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am the Anti-Hip, or a Spade's a Spade.

My roommate recently complimented me by saying that i "call a spade a spade." I think that's a pretty great compliment considering how often people say things for unknown and often illogical motives: to impress, to form/retain some sort of image, flatter, etc. In the words of Operation Ivy, "civilization, ha. i call it as i see it. i call it bullshit, you know i simply cannot believe it."
This will probably be the first in a series of rants about the tendency towards "indie" "hipster" garbage that i see around all too much lately.
first off, i recently heard someone say "indie is the new sweet bro" with some level of surprise, as if they didn't know that before. i reserved any comment at the time, because i don't need to go looking for conflict and because i dearly love the person who said it, but i was shocked to see that people thought that was some sort of new idea. "indie" has always been the safe haven for the smugly obscure and willingly pretentious. i feel perfectly qualified to say so because i have wasted my share of time on being "hip" in the past.
referring to a person as "indie" is now, and always has been as stupid as referring to someone as "AN EMO." i don't want to come off as condescending or pretentious myself, but indie (independent) should never have been used as anything more than an arbitrary description for bands who weren't signed to large record labels or any record label. how it somehow mutated into a genre of music, and subsequently a cliché categorization for people. but what the hell does it mean? seriously. it doesn't make any sense as a musical genre (please describe to me what an "indie" band sounds like) or as an adjective to describe a person. it is not a social movement. even in its newfound meaning it is a trite trend that has little to do with character and everything to do with fashion. to quote rancid "you got no passion its all fashion."
"INDIE" is not A TREND. it is a SYNONYM for TREND. indie is the newest thing. indie is the fad. its the right brands, the right clothing, the right (or left, as the case may be) political stance, the right computer, the right taste in music, art, movies, etc.
"sweet bro"?? maybe i misunderstand the concept but when i hear this i imagine hollister and american eagle, popped collars, top 40 music selections, etc. but what most mean when they say it is a veiled cockiness, or sense of self declared status. but"indie" is the same thing: veiled cockiness and self-declared status because you are "in the know." you know whats going on while everyone else is groping for what the next new thing is going to be.
you know what i wish the next big thing would be? just liking shit because you like it: you find value in it.
its ok to not like the arcade fire or the new (or old) wes anderson movie. its alright to believe in conservative politics and wear baggy clothes.
at the same time its fine to wear your cardigan and american apparel v-neck. its fine to get your 100+ dollar jeans that somehow make you look more disheveled than a pair you could have gotten at walmart (God forbid!!) go listen to sigur ros or whatever other boring instrumental group is around that week.
im just wishing for more people with broader horizons i suppose. i'll continue on that topic another time.

please commence sending me "your a hypocrite, because your jeans are too tight, and you like wes anderson and leftist politics!" messages. im ready. im fully aware that they're coming.

A quick entry for the evening.

I wanted to leave everyone with a special message from Ghostface Killah tonight:

On Living:"a lot of y'all ain't livin' right, walkin' around like a zombie. Y'all sleepin' too much. Time is money. it's time to get up with some new ideas. think of an invention. make a new toilet bowl or something."

On Hustlin': "gotta stay on point. this is survival. a man is a man. don't let nothin' scare you. this is the science of karma. a lot of the time, when y'all handle our beef right there on the spot, it gets deaded right there on the spot."

On Love: "surveys say chick gotta wait like 8 months before she can shit in your crib but if that's your girl how you gonna tell the chick she can't shit?"

On Nutrition: "Comin' from where we come from in the hood, we make a lot of things work. We can't be out there movin' in these fancy restaurants. i still eat ramen noodles. easy quick meals. there's mad ways you can just freak shit. just look in the cabinets. You can put something over the ramen noodles"

On Toneology (the study of pretty toney): "it all stems from the table. Nowadays everybody wants to take their plates and go to their rooms. we're supposed to be at the table, like a family. once everybody leaves that table, that's where the house starts gettin' broke up at. we gotta bring it back to the table."

i just wanted to leave anyone out there that's reading this with that message...and i pissed in a garbage can in park city tonight. more tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Arsenal, Prague, Mac, and sleep.

the Arsenal v. Slavia Prague game is remarkably boring. i was really excited to see the 2nd/3rd team play. i like seeing who arséne is holding in reserve, but today they are playing really boring football. Walcott is fast, but as of yet i've yet to see any other quality in his play. too often he sets off on a sprint, but he can't keep the ball at his feet. nobody else is standing out. and thats bad. eduardo is one of the few strikers who consistently is running AWAY from the goal. i miss van Persie.
all we need is a tie to qualify. so be it.
click here for a lovely mac rumour. i'll start saving now.
i slept really well last night. makes me want to take a nap.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i've recently settled on the idea that i want to study Anthropology of Religion for my masters degree. this is something that i never tire of. I really like different theological thought and the superstitions, mysteries, and mythologies that accompany them. i like official theologies offered by religions as coherent explanations of faith. i also like the far out sounding "space" doctrines that despite neglect continue to exist in connection with the officially recognized dogmas of religions, often despite condemnation and discrediting.
i mentioned this in my class today, explaining that i would like to study the relationship between official doctrinal stances of religion and the accompanying folk religion, superstition, magic, and the occult and the response i got was "that's great!...and you're mormon!" i'm not really sure what that means. but it made me laugh. i think i kinda get it though.

anyway. things that have sparked my interest this week include
Grimoires (in general)and Picatrix (a book originally in arabic, later translated to latin, which contains lots of info on talismanic magic, conjuring spirits and astrology), Goetia:the Lesser Key of Solomon (the method by which Solomon is purported to have conjured and captured 72 demons) (in particular).
I've been rereading a lot of things about mystery cults and alchemy lately too.
i came across something called the Voynich manuscript, a book written in the late 1400's/early 1500's, that nobody has ever been able to translate. it is written in some crazy language that nobody understands. anyway look into it. pretty cool. aliens wrote it-obviously. yeah, i listen to tool. so what?
someone pay for me to go to grad school.
books i want to read right now:
high fidelity.
tao te ching.
the cairo trilogy.
the name of the rose.

things to look forward to.

this week in comics is crazy good. beware.

-there is a special edition of 'Palestine' by Joe Sacco coming out. To all my MESA friends/anyone with a shred of interest in comics/Palestine/or just good human stories: cop that. I own two copies of it already, and will probably buy this new one for the extra stuff that's being added. i'm really excited. Keep in mind that Edward Said wrote the intro for this comic book. Comics are for kids right? go get it. in fact, get two: one to keep and one to lend to friends and zionists.

-there is a new graphic novel from DC/Vertigo coming out called "Cairo." it's fictional and a 'thriller' and i think it has something to do with a Djinni. but i'm not sure. i'll probably check it out though.
<(while on the topic, has anyone read the Cairo Trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz? i'd like to, and i want some insight from someone who has. I read Mirrors by Mahfouz and really enjoyed it. the end.)>

-Scott Pilgrim was supposed to come out this week, but it looks as though it was pushed back until next week. that's bad news for me- but good for you! it means you can run out and get the first three volumes to be ready for when it comes out next wednesday. if you like shitty rock bands, o.g. nintendo, funny things and happiness, there is no reason you shouldn't be reading this already.

it will be coming out from a publisher called ONI PRESS. they publish some cool books (black metal and sharknife, among others). but the one that i think most of my friends would be interested in (besides scott pilgrim) is STEPHEN COLBERT'S TEK JANSEN SPACE ADVENTURES. this is the presidential candidate's (in SC) comic book. read it.

queen song for the night: all dead, all dead

comics are awesome. you should be so lucky.
rock that shit homey.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

AIDs and Vampires.

it seems apparent to me that AIDs did not originate from sex with monkeys, but with vampires. it seems far more logical to me, and i don't understand why the concept is overlooked.
when you look into the history of vampires they are often affiliated with plagues and epidemics resulting in the death of large numbers of people.
further, Bram Stoker* leads us to believe that only after having been bitten thrice (causing the intermingling of human blood with that of a vampire) will a human turn into a vampire. is it therefore hard to believe that AIDs could be the human body's attempt to fight off the presence of vampirism?
im sure you are now thinking "but if AIDs were vampirism, wouldn't AIDs victims live forever?" Good. But as noted before Bram Stoker leads us to believe that it takes three bites from a vampire to complete the transformation of human to vampire. only after that complete transformation would one become the undead. unfortunately, we don't have enough information to know what the incomplete transformation entails. but i feel it safe to assume that the human body would struggle against the agents in the blood bringing about the transformation. It seems obvious to me that the agents bringing about the transformation are stronger than the human immune system. vampires are, after all, immortal. The human nervous system has no chance of defeating vampirism, even in its incomplete stages.
all of my logical college educated friends out there are surely thinking "vampires don't exist!" to which i respond "prove it!" there are plenty of historical documents from a wide variety of cultures, dating to ancient times about the existence of vampires. Many Jews believe that Lilith (Adam's first wife) left him to become the queen of demons, feeding on the blood and flesh of babies. is that not vampirism? babylonians believed. assyrians. jews. everyone. is the existence of vampires really so far fetched?
further, even were i to grant that TODAY there are no vampires, their existence in times past is enough to warrant suspicion of their role in the HIV virus and AIDs.

i will grant that this theory is entirely speculative. i do not have the education nor the will to prove this theory. but i think that it deserves some attention and serious thought. so, you don't want to believe it? fine. go back to thinking that sex with monkeys brought AIDs into existence. That makes WAY MORE sense.

i just wish freddy mercury had become the undead rather than dieing. i'd gladly sacrifice a pint or two every once in a while to keep him around.

lazing on a sunday afternoon.

before i take my sunday nap i think i will update this. im trying to form a habit.

first: everyone should own everything that Queen has ever done.

second: everyone should eat something delicious on sunday afternoon and then nap.

third: everyone should go out and read WATCHMEN by Alan Moore. its a graphic novel that graced Time Magazine's top 100 english language novels. It's being made into a movie and will be released in 2009. Read it before its butchered by hollywood. you'll be glad you did. it's always cooler to say that you read it BEFORE it was a movie.

fourth: jay z is too cool to exist in the same realm as us normal humans.

fifth: im looking to download the records by Supernatural (the rapper) and Witchdoctor but can't find them. garbage. but i am going to see ghostface killa on wednesday with Rakim and Brother Ali. rad.

quotation for the moment: "i ask you to be my clementine, you say you will if you could but you can't."
freddie mercury. he and i are somehow on the same page.

maybe i'll add pictures later.

i slept all day.

so now i can't sleep.
topic #1: Arsenal draws against Man United.
I'm happy with this. It's not the ideal outcome. But it keeps us on top of the league and shows that Arsenals long string of success isn't a fluke. Gunner 'til i die.

topic #2: i saw the spice girls 10 years ago. And i will see them again in december. 75 dollars is worth it. Hearing/seeing the spice girls makes me super nostalgic and happy. i think about jed rudd and buying spice girls suckers while in vegas at F.A.O. Schwartz. I think about being at that show and Jed screaming at the little girls "I DIDN'T COME HERE TO LISTEN TO YOU! SHUT UP!" those were good times.

topic #2.1 new spice girls single. exactly what i would expect it to be. rad. +weird lingerie in the video? +ginger (geri) is hotter now than she was then.

topic #3. does anyone know a way i can make lots of money without lots of work? grad school costs too much money.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

reccurring dreams

i have a reccurring dream where i'm living in a 3rd world country. perhaps in the poorest circumstances i've ever seen. as time continues on i realize that it's not actually a 3rd world country, but some sort of huge flying machine. if i had to describe it i would describe it as a huge submarine that flies. i never see it from the outside, but the inside is full of twists and turns and narrow hallways comparable to those of an old person's house. They're full of books, and bottled and canned foods, and ancient looking miscellanea that appear to be from another life.
i'm not alone in the machine.
there are a few other people on the machine. one is an old woman who is kind to me, and consistently feeds the rest of the people on the machine. at one point in the dream she buys me some kind of delicious pastry. in the process of buying it there are some dirty poor beggar kids who come to ask for money or pastry, hungry and unable to give them money i generally ignore them.
another man is there. he strikes me as being crazy. he's hyperactive and always talks what sounds to be nonsense. he's consistently talking about how long he's been there, but he thinks that soon "they'll" let him come home. on this particular day he's running all over the place claiming that he finally got word that he can go home. he's gathering up canned foods and books from off of the shelves and taking them to what appears to be the area of a bomber airplane with the huge doors which allow the bombs to drop (the bomb bay?). the room is full of books with fluttering pages and cans and bottles of food. it appears to me that's he's going to jump from the machine and i start asking him questions about things to try to get him away from the open bomb bay doors. its about this time that it occurs to me that he can't read anyway, so i dont really understand what he's thinking. he continues babbling about how we're done and we can go home now. the way he talks about it makes it seem like we've been on a mission for years and are finally permitted to go home.
out of nowhere i begin to believe him and that i get to go home too, that my time on the machine is over, that i've somehow done my duty. i start to go back through the machine and get a few things that will remind me of my time there later, mainly books. i put the books on a table in the kitchen where another one of the machines passangers is standing.
the crazy passenger runs in and tells me that we need to hurry up because they'll be here to get us soon. the other passenger looks at the crazy one and asks "what are you doing man? why are you getting him revved up?" the crazy one says "he's like me and we're through. we can go." when he says that i hear a car honk its horn outside the kitchen's window. i go over slowly to the window thinking that it must be the person come to get me. i peek through the blinds but there's nobody there. its just an empty driveway. its at this point that i hear the one man say to the crazy one "you know he doesn't know whats going on, why do you get him going? look at him. waiting for someone to come." the crazy man responds "i think he's like me, he can't read either."
the other man retorts "he's not like you at all. he can read, he's just alone."
the end.