Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i make no guarantees

this isn't one of those "i promise to blog more frequently" posts.

anyway. i've come to the conclusion tonight that i have become someone that i rather like. that's not to say that i've hated myself in the past (there have been some rough spots, but none too terrible methinks), it is merely to say that i am content with who i am currently. I am also aware of my shortcomings (which are plentiful), but i know that they are things upon which i can improve. all in all, i have a lovely wife, a job, books to read, i make delicious food (pizza tonight was lovely), i'm scraping by with my bills, and i'm doing okay.

way to go me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The day after I mention Gene Simmons' son's comic i see this article that his publisher has cancelled his book due to plagiarism (CLICK HERE). I highly suggest you check out the link.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"hello, this is rené"

Well, first things first.
Planning a wedding is perhaps among the most tedious activities known to man (meaning man. not humanity in general. There is some sort of twisted pleasure that females seem to get from straining over small details. I'm not criticizing. Some people love brussel sprouts and getting punched in the face. More power to them. Different strokes for different folks). But we are less than 3 weeks away from our wedding, and Misty and I are both ready to have it over with.

I dunno if i mentioned it previously, but our luck has been comedically terrible from the moment we got engaged. Her car broke, then my car broke (costing roughly $1000 dollars). 5 of the places we attempted to book for our ring ceremony either denied us or fell through. We've been sick off and on. We had address on invitations wrong (paid for invites twice!). Brides maid dress didn't show up (until yesterday). The temple/church has weird rules. We got stuck in LA traffic while trying to pick up wedding favors thanks to a dude who sold us out hard. I got denied a job i didn't apply for. I got offered a job i didn't apply for, only to have it taken away from me later that day with a call that said "oh. we meant a DIFFERENT Josh Everett." Misty was denied a raise and made to feel that her job is not secure (Misty, the only full time employee, and only female, is being paid less than half of what her part time coworkers make). I was denied from one of my top choice grad schools. We've had issues with friends and family. You name it: it has gone wrong. There's plenty more but im not going to dwell on it.
Arsenal lost their champion's league match to Porto too. UGH.

I intended to write about comics but now this blog almost seems too far off topic to come back to it.
I guess the bottom line is that comics piss me off. They would rather tell ANOTHER zombie story than try something new, ESPECIALLY if that zombie book is written by some B or C list celebrity or their family (Case in point(s): "We Will Bury You" by someone who is on Heroes.(i'd mention her name, but you still won't know who she is) Or how about a story by Nic Cage's SON. or Gene Simmons' SON. Or Rashida Jones from Parks and Recreation/Officefame. OR Peter Petrelli from Heroes. You Get the point.)
How many stories do we have to have that are "this one is zombies in space!", "this one is zombies in the 20's", "this one is zombies underwater", or anything like it. (Comic companies, if you are listening I'd be happy to write any of those stories. haha).

I suppose my main complaint would be that I feel like when someone sets out to write a novel, in their minds it's going to be the next classic american novel and they aspire to accomplish that feat. Nobody sets out when writing their novel saying "instead of aspiring to create something myself i wish i could just Sherlock Holmes fan fiction. It doesn't need to be better than the source material...just good enough." That's what I see in comics. "I don't NEED to write anything innovative, i just need to write a decent story based on an old character." Perhaps I'm being overly critical (i'm sure i am) and there are definitely exceptions. But by and large I think this is an observable trend in comics: 1. Pseudo famous people 2. Zombies and 3. Mediocrity.
(mediocrity is perhaps too harsh a word, but I just wish comics would break out and be all they can be).

Oh, I emailed a comic writer, and he emailed me back. We were supposed to talk on the phone but i blew it. So there's an update in my "im trying to write comics" efforts.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I recently got another credit on IMDB.
this time i'm a super muscly dude who loves to lift heavy things.
that being said, my fame meter is way up!

no guarantees.

I bet you thought i was going to start blogging with more frequency...sucker.
nah, i thought i would too. oh well. My car recently blew up for nearly $1000 dollars, which for an unemployed broke person trying to get married, is just great.

I've decided i would begin to blog my successes (ha!) and failures in attempting publish comic books. I may also include other professions into which i am trying to scratch and claw.

I doubt it will generate further interest in my writing, but hell, i'm willing to try most anything at this point.

I don't really feel comfortable sharing any of my stories on here, though i bet it's not the worst idea on the planet. Though with my luck I'd post one and my worst enemy would use it to become the next JK Rowling.

I have wanted to write stories for as long as I can actually remember. In 2nd grade I wrote a serialized story which i would share each week in our sharing time. I liked it enough that I kept the notebook in which i wrote it. I found it a while back, and attempted to read it. It made absolutely no sense, but was funny to me regardless. It had something to do with 2 animal friends who rode some sort of machine down hills. Around the same time my parents bought me my first comic book (and only comic until later in life). If i took the time to investigate i could tell you the exact issue number, because that comic is burnt permanently in to my mind. Im not going to chase it down though. It was an X-Men comic and it was awesome. From that time forward i practiced drawing thinking that "my mother is an artist, I can be too!". Wrong. As I began to realize that i wasn't cutting it in the art department I started thinking of the business side. I would just start my own company. Well, time progressed and as childhood dreams do, this one did not so much fade away as transform into infinite other ideas of dream professions that would promise a life of excitement and grandeur (and yet here i am, nearly 27 and an aspiring academic. yipes.).

As I entered my senior year of high school, I suddenly got wise to the fact that I had passed the Advanced Placement English exam as a freshman, and as such, I was wasting my time in the AP English class in which i was enrolled. I decided to get out of there and make my final days of secondary education as painless as possible. I switched into another English class where my friend (an excellent artist) was the teacher's assistant. The teacher, knowing that I had transferred out of AP and had passed the test as a younger student, excused my from any of the assignments, and I was free to hang out with my friend at the back of the room and performing the occasional taco run for the teacher. Most of our conversations revolved around what super hero would defeat another in a fight. I don't think i knew much about comics at this point, but one thing became clear. Comics were awesome, and I had been missing out on them for years. I began collecting. Discovered that some other friends were also avid collectors. It seemed to be that my niche had been waiting for me all this time. As i began to read comics, my mind hearkened back to the time in which I had wanted to create these 24 page stories of violence, melodrama and heroism. From that point forward I began to write out ideas as soon as they came. Some were better than others, and some I love to this day.

Long story short, i just keep writing in hope that someday some of these ideas will stick and someone will pay me a paltry amount of money to make my stories into books.

Anyhow, a quick summary of my publishing attempts, which are not as extensive as they should be...

In 2008 I submitted a proposal to Oni Press and I believe Boom! Studios. The proposal was my first, and was probably a bit rough. If i am being honest, the art of crafting a submission is still foreign to me. I submitted a small synopsis with a summary of the story and how I envision the book being promoted. I included a small portion of script and fully colored and lettered art samples (drawn by my friend Kory. He is awesome at art). I thought it was okay; that at very least it deserved a thorough looking over. I never received word back from Boom! Studios, and I received a mass email from Oni suggesting that I read Eisner's book, and a book about comic scriptwriting (which, ironically I've read).

In 2009 I submitted again. This time only to Oni (as they are the only company i know of that will consider a submission without an artist attached (more on finding artists and the impossibility of the task another time)). I submitted in July and have followed up various times since, but here it is February 2010 and I have not heard a single word. sighh...

Other than that I suppose my writer's credit on "Bloodoween", a short film i made with friendsm could be used to my advantage, but I don't quite know how. It saw a decent amount of success considering its lack of budget and time. I'm still proud of it.

I fancy myself an educated, capable, professional type person, but I am loathe to admit that it doesn't appear that the comics industry respects those qualities (which is not to be confused with not liking those qualities. It's just that they don't seem to care one way or the other) nor does it function with them in mind.

But from here on out I am going to start to poke around, investigating how to get into this crazy biz.

I am going to start emailing whoever i can to see what can be done. Is this what they call "networking"? in my mind it just equates to spam abuse. Who can get me Spike Jonze email? Whose email CAN you get me?

We'll see where it goes from here. It can only go up right?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i think it's time for me to start blogging again.

Well I suppose I'm back to the blog.
I'm unemployed (semi-employed) and I watch a lot of history channel. Why is it that we continue to be taught that Pyramids were tombs for Pharoahs, when the mummy of a Pharoah has never been found in a Pyramid? Sorry, that was on my mind this minute. Further, how can they claim that Djedefre built this giant structure during the period of his rule, that was only 8 years. it took the mormons 40 years to build the Salt Lake temple. The Great Pyramid build by Khufu (Cheops) in Giza, a mere five miles away took 20 years to build and even that is an inexplicable feat. And somehow Djedefre built his pyramid in 8 or less?? I don't think so.

I'm engaged now. I asked Misty to marry me on Saturday 12 December 2009. After wandering through Ikea for a while I surprised Misty with a nighttime trip to Hogle Zoo. As it is Christmas time, I knew that they would have Christmas lights up and that it would be nice to walk around in the lights and to see some of the animals (the Tigers were awesome!). At the end of the night we rode the carousel that they have there. I asked Misty if she preferred to ride the individual animals (that go up and down) or on the bench. I recommended the bench so that I could ask her to marry me on the carousel, but she preferred the animals. I agreed to ride the animals, because in reality that is more fun. So we rode the carousel, and then stepped off. I suggested that we sit on a bench near the Carousel in order to watch it go around once more. we sat on a bench at the edge of the carousel and watched as it began to circle again. As we watched, I turned on the bench in order to face Misty and removed the ring from my pocket handing it to Misty. I asked if she would be willing to marry me. She hugged me and cried for a bit. Eventually I had to inquire if that was an acceptance. She affirmed that it was, and the rest is history.
I'm a very lucky boy. Misty supports me in a way that few (if any) ever have. She calls me on my b.s. when i need it and surprises me frequently with her intelligence, her common sense (that i sometimes lack), her sense of humour, her kindness, and her willingness to be kind and serve others. She helps me to be a better, happier person- even when it's not the easiest or most comfortable option for me. I can go on, but i won't. This blog post is probably sappy enough already.

stay tuned for future blog updates, i'll try to do better.
2009 has been a very good year for me, i wish i had blogged more during it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

while i'm blogging...

i wish i could remind the world that there is only ONE Ronaldo.

THIS (above) is Ronaldo. Top world cup goal scorer. Phenomenon, weird pervert or not.

This is Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7, floppy, or anything else you would like to call him.

But until he has himself a couple of world cups and the record for top world cup goal scorer, RONALDO Fenômeno will still be on top, and C.Ronaldo will still just be opening clothing stores in portugal, wrecking ferraris, and complaining about how picked on he is.